LEGO Hidden Side Sets and App Overview

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The new LEGO Hidden Side theme combines augmented reality with physical play for some of the most intriguing sets this month.

Despite the similar spooky, ghostly haunted sets in the LEGO Monster Fighters collection from 2012, these sets also have a strong LEGO Stranger Things and LEGO Scooby-Doo vibe, featuring kids as the main characters.

Due to the intriguing designs, unique pieces, excellent minifigures, and enhanced augmented reality capabilities of this new collection, I know many of you will find this collection appealing. Let’s examine it in more detail.

Children can join a fearless team of ghost hunters who dare you to see the unseen, so you can help turn a haunted world back to normal, one ghost at a time.

There are a series of “haunted” LEGO building sets that are full of awesome functionality and secret surprises and will provide hours of build and roleplay fun. When you activate the free app, the models come alive, revealing a world of interactive mysteries and challenges.

It is even more captivating and enjoyable to combine the two worlds. Additionally, the app includes a digital game that kids can play independently of the building set.

Jack Davids, Parker Jackson, J.B (a.k.a. El Fuego) and Jack Davids are the main characters in the LEGO Hidden Side story.

Besides having a ghost dog named Spencer, Jack is the 13-year-old son of the school headmaster. A live-streaming video channel called BOO-Tube is the medium he uses to share his videos. Her parents have lived in Newbury with her since she was a child.

There was always a sense that something was wrong with the town. Jeremy likes to be the brains behind the gang’s ghost-hunting operation and leaves all the messy stuff to the kids. It’s only when she’s driving her old school bus, Sweet Sally, that she leaves her lab to eat, work, and sleep.

It turns out that Douglas has mad mechanical skills that prove to be invaluable to the ghost hunting team at Newbury Middle and High Schools.

You will need to download the LEGO Hidden Side app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store to enjoy augmented reality with the sets. If you want to make sure your device is compatible, please refer to the LEGO Hidden Side Device Guide.

You can choose your particular phone or tablet from drop-down lists for IOS or Android compatibility. Most modern devices should be able to run the app, so compatibility appears to be good.

Virtual reality expands the setting around the set as soon as the app recognizes it. I find it pretty cool to watch. Besides the interactivity between the app and the built sets, there is also some interaction between them.

It is also possible to change the game by changing the positions and colors of certain components. Despite the fact that this interaction is not very extensive, it is still engaging and interesting.

There are reviews of JANGBRiCKS’ LEGO Hidden Side sets in the player below. Besides showing you the details of the sets, he will also show you how the app interacts with them.

There will be a video series for LEGO Hidden Side on the LEGO Hidden Side website, as well as on LEGO’s YouTube channel. Previously, I posted the trailer here, but I have posted it again for your convenience.

So far, the LEGO Hidden Side theme appears to be a success. Older LEGO fans love the interesting sets, the great minifigs, and the unique colors and pieces. The idea of combining building sets with virtual play is appealing to kids as well.

I think it’s okay for now that there is not much interaction between the build sets and the games in the app.

It is possible that LEGO could add more interaction in the future if everything works out with the first wave of sets. The technology is still pretty new, so it’s best to take small but sure steps that please LEGO fans.

How do you feel about this? What do you think of the LEGO Hidden Side theme? Have you received any of the sets yet? Have you tried the app yet? Please share and discuss in the comment section below.