5 Tips to Land Accurate One-Tap Headshots in the Game

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With over 500 million downloads in the Play Store, Free Fire is one of the most popular BR titles. The game has gradually risen in popularity in the esports community since its release in September 2017. It has become a favorite with more and more players as time passes.

The goal of Free Fire is to improve your tactical skills and weapon skills in order to climb up the tiers. Right now, one of the most popular skills in Free Fire is the one-tap headshot kill, which allows players to kill their enemies with just a single tap, regardless of the weapon.

This article discusses 5 tips for landing accurate one-tap headshots in Free Fire.

5 tips to land accurate one-tap headshots in Free Fire

1) Sensitivity

Free Fire’s headshot percentage is largely determined by the sensitivity setting of a player. If you want to achieve one-tap headshots, you should increase the Red dot sight sensitivity to 100 and the general sensitivity to 85. The sensitivity of this game is ideal for connecting headshots easily.

2) Custom HUD (In-game Controls)

When playing Free Fire, it is recommended not to change the initial layout settings of the player since changing them will result in muddled gameplay and confusion, but it is recommended to use three- or four-finger claw settings. You should always position the Joystick and Fire buttons in a convenient place so that you can easily tap and drag them.

3) Crosshair position

When playing Free Fire, the crosshair position of the player is the most important factor that determines the headshot kill percentage. The player is highly recommended to aim the crosshair upwards, toward the sky, while free-roaming or engaging an enemy. The reason for this is that when a shot is fired, the crosshair automatically points down at the opponent’s head as soon as the shot is fired.

4) Drag and Shoot

It is important to note that to perform a one-tap headshot in Free Fire, you must simultaneously drag the joystick button downwards and the fire button upwards at the same time.

Using this system, you will be able to bring your aim down to exactly the head of the enemy and knock them down easily in just one shot. The player can also crouch and shoot, as this increases a player’s mobility as well as his precision when he is shooting.

5) Practice

According to the saying, “For everything we must learn before we can do it, we have to do it in order to learn”. To perform a one-tap headshot in Free Fire, players have to put in a lot of practice and grind until they improve their muscle memory and get accustomed to all the necessary skills and tactics needed.