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Experience the far reaches of the Hades galaxy in space-based MMO Hades’ Star (Free). There is a futuristic gold rush underway after scouts returned with word that the newly discovered galaxy contains lucrative planets, asteroids, and money to be made.

There are several sectors of space and a handful of colonial settlements scattered across several planets and moons at the start of the game. An empire of the galactic kind is just a seed of what’s to come.

You will build transport vessels for shipping goods between colonies, such as diamonds, ore, alloys, silicon, and more. You earn credits, the lifeblood of your empire, and have many opportunities to advance.

Expand across the solar system by scanning nearby sectors of space and colonizing them. Create battleships, which you will surely need as you invest in your military.

The dreaded Cerberus, an alien race not at all happy to find humans among its ranks, is the only player-versus-player aspect of Hades’ Star. Those who stray into a sector controlled by Cerberus will be attacked by its forces.

Your empire will also require fuel to run, so you won’t be able to run it solely on credits. Asteroid miner ships harvest hydrogen from asteroids throughout your system to power your ships.

You need to balance economic and military activities, as well as your hydrogen supply, in Hades’ Star. As you expand into new sectors, you’re likely to find new fields to harvest, helping you keep up with consumption. Asteroids respawn fairly quickly.

Expeditions can be undertaken to the red-star system when you are ready to flex your military might. There is a high probability that a red star will go nova at any time. They are dangerous and unstable.

Well, exactly 15 minutes from now. It takes that long to jump through a wormhole, defeat Cerberus forces, and find the real prize: ancient artifacts left behind by an alien race.

As you recover and research these artifacts, you gain XP, credits, hydrogen, and blueprints for new technology that can be used to upgrade your fleet’s technology.

There are substantial upgrades to your battleships and modules, such as improved weapons, shields, and other capabilities that improve their capability and efficiency. During time running out, if you’re still in a red star, well, your ships go boom.

It is possible to take down a red-star system by collaborating with other players. When you reach higher levels of red-star systems, infested by powerful Cerberus defenders, this cooperation is almost a necessity.

To coordinate raids and share game advice, players can form guilds, called Corporations. My hope is that trade wars, hostile takeovers, and corporate warfare will show up down the road as future cooperative and team-based play possibilities.

The game Hades’ Star is free to play and works well that way. You can’t play this game for hours at a time, however, and you have to take the time to build a galactic empire. But it’s perfect for those who check in periodically during the day to issue orders and run a few red-star missions.

A number of IAPs are available to buy crystals which can be converted into credits or hydrogen, which will certainly accelerate your progress, or used to speed up infrastructure construction. It isn’t necessary to have them, however.

If you enjoy exploration of space, expanding your territory, and improving your economic and military power, then Hades’ Star is for you.

Despite being easy to play on a phone and working great on a tablet, the game looks and plays even better on the latter. Visit our forum to talk about the game with other players, and take a look at the game’s webpage.