Golf Blitz cheats and tips – Levelling up and FAST

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If you are unable to make progress through the stages, then what is the point of playing the game? What exactly is the challenge? Where is the sense of fulfilment? What exactly is going on here?

In my view, it doesn’t matter if it’s only a round of golf; what matters is that you go up the ranks and give the idea that you’re a god among others who are just mortal.

When I play Golf Blitz, I want to have the opportunity to compete against an opponent who is not Tiger Woods, but I want to feel as if I am playing the game versus Tiger Woods. And in the most ideal of circumstances, I want to feel the way Tiger Woods did before the infidelity scandal.

You are free to hold it against me since I do make a reference to this in each and every golf tale that I tell. I am the only one in my circle of friends who plays golf.

In any case, we are going to offer you with the knowledge you want in this post so that you may play golf like a pro and level up as rapidly as is humanly feasible. Keep reading if you want information on all you need to know to go through the stages in Golf Blitz.

How to level up

In Golf Blitz, advancing to new levels is exactly as vital as you may imagine it is. That’s exactly how it works. Very.

However, just succeeding in contests won’t get you very far in life. Typical. Sadly, in order to progress through the levels and grow more powerful, there are further challenges to overcome.

You’ll need to put in a lot of effort in Golf Blitz to acquire new cards and improve the ones you already have in order to level up and get experience. Experience can only be gained in the game by upgrading your collection of cards, which can only be done by spending bux.

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Experience is also quite crucial since it allows you to gain skill points, which you can then invest in Power, Speed, or Accuracy — all of which are, of course, extremely significant attributes to have. If you don’t have any of them, you won’t be able to play golf at the same level of intensity and competition as if you did.

Increasing your level of expertise also leads to the same effect. Points in your skill pool that have the potential to influence your specific abilities’ Power, Speed, and Accuracy. Imagine a powerful shot that also had pinpoint precision; it would be the ideal combination.

However, in order to go even somewhat near, you will need to put in a lot of work, so continue to play and make it a point to open card packs as often as is humanly possible.

Pro tips to play this game

When you play this game you have to fallow these simple tricks

Make a plan

First of all you have to make a plan while playing your shot. Observe the ground first and think in tour imagination that what shot should I play, which way should I play and what should be my moves. When your plan is ready then try a shot.

Dont be hasty 

You must not have to show your hastiness. First of all you have to think about that shot and then play the shot. Don’t play the shot when your plan is not ready.

Be quick and fight for your position

Making a quick decision is the quality of a good player. You must take quick decisions when you see that time is running out. In the game as there are a lot of players so you must have to fight for your position. The early you made the first shot the more time is given to you to think about the next shot.

For long shots use a sniper ball

To make the long shots in the game you must need a sniper ball. Sniper ball can travel a greater distance than another ball so to top the game you must use sniper ball.

Use power-ups and cards

Power-ups are given in this game. If your player power is low in the game you must use the power-ups. This will increase the power of your character. Luckey cards are also given in this game. This is due to give you extra life or some extra shot. Dont forget to take these cards.

Team up with your friends

You can team up with your friends. By this, you and your friend both can enjoy this game.


The conclusion we can extract from this game is that while playing this game we first have to think and then paly our shot, we should not be hasty. Take power-ups in the game and we should take opportunities not to give opportunities.

Frequently asked questions

Should we play this game quickly?

You can play this game quickly if only and only you can take quick decisions.

How can we play this game with our friends?

You can play this game with yours friends simply by inviting them.