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Make sure you strap your boots on and get ready to take on the world!

Forge the best swords you can by mining metals, hammering those metals into shape, and forging them to perfection.

As you might expect from a simulation game, this one is a little different. Among the rocks you will find exotic gems that can be discovered by breaking them.

Put them through your forge and use them to make beautiful swords that you will be able to display in your armory. There is no doubt that the better the materials you find, the more money you will be able to make!

The more money you have, the better the swords you will be able to unlock as you progress in the game. Your skills as a blacksmith will make every other blacksmith in the kingdom jealous of you.

It’s time to pick up the hammer and stop what you’re doing right now.

Game Features:

1. Playing this game is simple but addictive due to its simple mechanics.

There’s no need to worry about the rocks while you yap away. Find out what precious metals are all about. Make sharp, shiny swords out of the molten metal by hammering it.

2. You can run an armory on your own

On the weapons rack, you will be able to display the swords that you have crafted. Are you able to make the best out of what you have?

3. You should keep them coming!

The more gems you find, the better sword you will be able to make. As you make your sword better, you will be able to make more money!

4. Offline earnings

It is not necessary to keep the device on at all times. The money you earn while you are signed off is still credited to your account.

Learn how to forge the best swords by discovering your inner blacksmith. You’ll be able to watch the molten metal cool down and become one of your beautiful creations. It’s going to be a tough one to put down. Forge Ahead! Good luck!