How fast can a Sonic run?

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Play as Sonic the Hedgehog as you run, sprint, leap, and spin your way through magnificent 3D locations in his first fun endless runner game. Swipe your way over and under as you sprint through hard obstacles in this free quick and frenetic infinite running game! How fast can a hedgehog run?

3 2: SONIC

It’s Sonic the Hedgehog’s first ever endless runner, and you’ve got to keep up with him if you want to win! How far can you travel with this awesomely speedy and hip hedgehog?


Leverage the tremendous dash technique that Sonic has, which enables you to rush at an astounding pace and demolish anything in your way. In this top free endless runner game, you will compete in races and run across amazing courses.

Amazing running abilities

Make use of the incredible abilities that Sonic has in order to avoid obstacles, leap over walls, and race around loop-de-loops. In addition, you may vanquish your vile foes by employing Sonic’s powerful home run.


This entertaining, never-ending race showcases Sonic’s intricately designed environment to its greatest advantage on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Spend a lot of time going pretty fast through this really amazing setting.

Multiple characters

You may play as any one of Sonic’s companions, including Tails, Shadow, or Knuckles, if you so choose. Pick your favourite runner and race through this incredible infinite runner game with as much speed and skill as you can muster.


Run and race against two of Sonic’s most formidable adversaries, the vile Dr. Eggman and the horrifyingly lethal Zazz, in Sonic Lost World! Take down these rogues as quickly as you can, using all of Sonic’s nimbleness and speed before it’s too late!


Unlocking, winning, or purchasing the finest running power-ups will enable you to run for longer distances. They include unique race score boosters, head starts, shields, and ring magnets!

Keep on running

The more you run and compete, the more prizes you’ll earn! Your score multiplier may be leveled up by performing one-of-a-kind tasks, and you can win incredible rewards, such as Red Star Rings and more characters, by completing Daily Challenges and playing the Daily Spin.

You can get Sonic Dash absolutely free right now, and then you may race around Sonic’s amazing universe. Go your hands on the greatest runners you can find, and see how far you can get! Get ready to play the finest endless runner game for free in 3… 2… 1.. RUN!