Drone : Shadow Strike 3 APK + MOD (Unlimited Money) v1.25.111

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Introduce about Drone : Shadow Strike 3

Tilting Point released Drone: Shadow Strike 3 in the action category, under the theme of a reconnaissance plane piloting simulation. Today’s entertainment industry has many games that are centered around war. The game gives you commanders to destroy enemy bases and other activities. Are you ready to go to war? Get Drone: Shadow Strike 3 for Android and start fighting today!

Get ready for your mission!

Drone: Shadow Strike 3 puts you in charge of flying a reconnaissance plane, protecting the army’s forces when they try to infiltrate an enemy base. Since Drone: Shadow Strike 3 is quite similar to Zombie Gunship Survival in that regard, it can be easy to mistake it for a remake if you’ve played it before. Although it lacks a lot of features, the game is still fun to play. The mission system is dense, with events and real-time PvP features. It looks great! Drone: Shadow Strike 3 offers more challenging quests as you progress. Similar to Zombie Gunship Survival, you have to aim quickly and accurately at moving targets. In order to succeed in each mission, you must show complete control.

How to control

It is quite easy to master the controls of Drone: Shadow Strike 3 even if you have never played before.

In order to shoot more accurately, you will move the camera through the plane’s viewfinder to select weapons and fire them. With the infrared devices attached to the camera, you can see the targets you need to destroy. Simply tap on the target, then click the bullet icon to shoot.Professional reconnaissance aircraft system

There are currently 10 aircraft models in Drone: Shadow Strike 3. These models are based on actual models and can be tested in the workshop (Hangar).

The MQ-1 Predator aircraft is provided by default for your use. However, you can unlock new models like the XQ-52, MQ-9 Predator, Sea Avenger, or Bayraktar TB2 when you win the campaign bonus.

The prices of the planes vary. A plane can be purchased in-game with gold or dollar coins. Of course, a plane that is more expensive will have more features, be more powerful, and be more customizable. Players who are advanced can only purchase the MQ-1C Gray Eagle in the workshop.

Upgrade and customize

With skill and power, missions become more challenging. As you play more games, you can develop yourself beyond the major missions. Upgrades and customizations will be discussed instead. Drone: Shadow Strike 3 integrates upgrades. Each aircraft has stealth, radar, defense, reload speed, and firepower stats. You can upgrade these stats to gain more advantages in battle.

Additionally, you can add or replace weapons on your plane. From rockets to guns to cannons, you have three types of weapons to choose from.

Download Drone : Shadow Strike 3 MOD APK

MOD feature

Our MOD APK version solves these problems. Games with unlimited money are difficult to play. There are more advanced aircraft and stronger weapons available.

How to use?

Before entering the game, turn off your Internet connection to avoid blocking and displaying ads.

Android MOD APK for Drone : Shadow Strike 3

As a result of terrorist attacks, the world is being destroyed. Become part of the army and destroy the terrorists in Drone: Shadow Strike 3.