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Our world is filled with mundane creatures, but there are many mysterious creatures beyond them. One of the things that we love about cute things is that they are cute. Despite their small size, these creatures are furry and tiny.

There is never a moment where they give up and they are always striving to better themselves in any way possible. In their opinion, logical thinking and cleverness are more important than anything else in life.

Moreover, if you are interested in meeting these people, Cuties will assist you in the process. As a puzzle game, Cuties is one of the best games you will ever play.

There are many Cities to meet in the game, and you can meet them all at once. Additionally, you will be able to help them to repair their house at the same time.

Also, there are many interesting things awaiting you to discover if you decide to take the time to explore them. It’s time to take part in Cuties now, so let’s get started.

Lively graphics and sound

Celtic Spear is a software development company which has built and offered a variety of games, including Cuties. In Odessa, Ukraine, Celtic Spear is a game developer.

Google Play is the only place where Cuties can be downloaded. Thus, the game can only be installed on mobile devices that run the Android operating system.

As well as supporting tablets such as the Samsung Tab, Cuties is also available for mobile devices. In this game, there is only one player and it is completely free to download.

Moreover, HD graphics is one of the most eye catching aspects of the game. Additionally, the home is quite elaborately designed, from its furniture to its doors and windows.

Furthermore, the image of the character is very well designed with large round eyes and feathers covering the entire body. Moreover, the game has an incredibly vivid sound.

As soon as you start the game, you will hear the song of the birds. It may rain from time to time, and you will hear the sound of falling rain. As a further addition, you will always hear light and fun background music during the play process.

You will have a happy atmosphere as a result of this. You can, however, turn off the sound in the settings of the game if you are in a public place and you do not wish to disturb other people while playing the game.

A game notification system can be set up, in particular. If you don’t want to receive game notifications, you won’t receive them.

The rules of Cuties

In the game, there is always room for a good puzzle in the lives of the Cuties. A certain degree of puzzlement can be found in the Cuties’ lives.

Whatever they might think or fantasize about, they always adhere scrupulously to the rules of their game. They jump recklessly over one another each time a game begins, hoping to remain on the square with the flag by leaping over one another.

Playing Cuties means adhering to those rules as well. Find out more about them by reading the following paragraphs.

During the course of Cuties, you will be able to assist the Cuties in repairing their home. There are purple stars needed to repair the furniture in their house as well as anything else in their home.

Thus, in order to obtain the purple star, you will have to overcome each level. It is important to note that each level will have its own requirements. You will be required to connect nine gold tiles in level 1, for example.

In order to overcome level 6, you will have to save 20 cuties. A lot of small squares will be put together and will create a large square once they have been glued together. In each square, there will be an object that will be placed within it.

In order to pop the squares, you will need to connect 3 objects of the same color. Connecting four or more objects will also result in an explosive bonus.

When you double tap or push aside the squares around the explosive bonus, you will destroy them. You can also remove all the same-colored objects with the rainbow bonus. You can destroy a lot of squares if you connect seven or more objects.

Double tapping or pushing it aside can explode it, just as with others. The more bonuses you create, the more squares you can destroy.

The unique features support the players

Some unique features have been provided by the publisher to help players overcome levels more easily. First of all, there is a feature called Destroy a square. There is only one thing you need to do in order to use this feature. You just need to tap on the Axe icon.

After that, you have to select the square that you want to destroy and then click on it. There are two features in the game, one of which is the mitten. Any object that is adjacent to the mitten can be changed using the mitten.

You can change the position of two objects by selecting them and clicking on them. Besides this, you will also be able to get gold coins or bonuses from lucky boxes. There will be many squares that you will be able to destroy with their help.

There is also another unique feature in the game that makes it stand out from the rest. This means that the application supports a wide range of languages.

There are nine languages available in Cuties as a result of the publisher. These languages include but are not limited to English, French, Ukrainian, Spanish, Turkish, Russian, German, Italian, and Portuguese.

Thanks to their efforts, many players around the world are going to be able to understand the missions of the game and complete them more easily.

When you want to switch to another language, you just need to open the Settings app, click on the Global icon and then choose the language that you want to use.

Sign in and play on many different devices

To destroy the squares and save the cuties from snow, players connect objects of the same color. Suitable for kids as well as adults, Cuties will appeal to a wide range of players. It’s also a great way to relax after a long week at work thanks to its simple gameplay.

There are also hundreds of challenging levels with difficulty levels that increase gradually. However, you will be able to develop your logical ability as a result of this activity. While enriching your collective intellect, it also helps you learn more.

As well as this, Cuties is available for you to play at any time. There is no need to connect to the Internet when playing the game. Cuties, for example, allows you to sign in through your Google Play account to enable Cloud Save.

 By doing so, you won’t have to worry about missing your process when playing the game on different devices. Learn more about Cuties’ lives by installing Cuties and rebuilding their home.