5 Best Cricket Games for Android Users in 2022

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The gaming industry is now experiencing a period of strong rivalry. The Google Play Store now has hundreds of mobile cricket games; nevertheless, the following five are considered to be among the finest of the bunch.

Cricket is one of the most widely played sports on the planet, and in this day and age, when the digital revolution was in full swing, the fans engaged heavily with the game via various digital platforms.

The cricket community is very passionate about all aspects of the game, including playing, watching, and discussing cricket. The amount of time spent in front of screens by a great number of people has risen over the years.

When they are unable to compete against their pals in person, cricket enthusiasts sometimes turn to gaming on their own electronic gadgets. The Android industry has been conquered by a multitude of game developers because to the great quality of their visuals.

In the past, cellphones’ limited amounts of random access memory (RAM) prevented cricket games from running properly.

In spite of this, Android cricket gaming has come leaps and bounds forward in tandem with the general advancement of technology. The gaming industry is now experiencing a period of strong rivalry.

Here are the top five cricket games that can be found on the Google Play Store, even if there are hundreds of other options accessible.

Here are the 5 best mobile cricket games for Android:

1. World Cricket Championship 2

One of the game series that has the greatest success on digital platforms is called the World Cricket Championship gaming series. The game offers a variety of gameplay options, including single-player, multiplayer, online, and offline modes.

In addition, the designers of the game have provided the players with a wide variety of personalization choices to choose from.

The batters have a variety of unique shots at their disposal, the most notable of which are the Dil-Scoop, the Upper Cut, the Helicopter Shot, and the paddle sweep.

There are 11 events open for participation, and they include a total of 18 teams from different countries. In addition, there are 10 teams competing inside the country, and 42 locations are used to stage the matches.

The fact that there are 14 distinct ways to bowl is what makes the game a bit more challenging than others. This game is playable on smartphones running Android versions 4.0 and above, so long as the user has installed it.

This game operates nicely on smartphones It is not required that your device be powered by an ARMv7 CPU and have a graphics processing unit (GPU) that supports OpenGLES 2.0.