Creative Destruction review – blow it all up

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2 days ago
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The sandbox survival game Creative Destruction from Titan Studio is a classic. A Battle Royale style of gameplay is played with 100 other players on a map. We decided to try out this popular concept, even though it’s not a new one.

The tutorial will appear as soon as you load up the game for the first time. Hammer (who looks like a visitor from the 1980s…) walks you through the first time you start a map.

It only takes around 3-5 minutes and is genuinely helpful and will give you tips you’ll need throughout the game, so we recommend you stick with it.

You will be taken to the main menu screen once you have completed the tutorial. Your gold can be viewed, you can chat with other players in the lobby, and you can complete daily missions.

The menu screen was quite daunting to navigate when we were new to the game, but once we became familiar with it, we learned how to do it quickly.


There are two virtual joysticks to control the game-one on the left that moves you around, and another on the right that changes the view. You can also switch between third-person and first-person views.

It’s great to have the option to view in third person, but we preferred the third person view. As of now, everything seems to be going well.

The game’s objectives will be familiar to anyone who has played other sandbox crafting games. Your only weapon is the weapon you pick up during your journey through a map filled with your peers.

It’s impossible to hide and hope to outlive everyone else, especially when the map closes in – Creative Destruction cleverly uses a snowstorm to accomplish this.

You can also collect different items and weapons from chests scattered throughout the map to make your journey easier.

A cool presentation occurs at the end of each level, where you are placed on a pedestal and awarded a prize based on your ability. As experienced gamers, we actually won the map the first time we played it.

It loaded very quickly, the map is easy to navigate, and targeting players is simple enough – we’ve struggled with this in similar games, but it worked perfectly here.

A lot of creative destruction

We liked the AK-47, but there’s plenty to collect in the chests scattered around the map and from slain enemies-we never ran out of ammo or encountered any problems.

Our strategy was to rampage through the map, eliminating everything and everyone we came across in Rambo style, rather than building bastions for self-defence. 

Mobile users will find the map to be extremely large, especially on a mobile device. Running around and finding foes wasn’t boring due to the variety of areas within the map. It’s impressive how Titan Studios were able to create such an immersive experience on such a small screen.

It is accurate to describe this game as a sandbox survival game, but that doesn’t convey its smoothness, enjoyment, and sheer fun.

Among the menu options are a mall where you can purchase outfits, daily missions, and a gallery where you can view the game’s weapons.

Depending on your experience level, you can use gold to reskin your weapons, but we didn’t feel pressured to pay for content or use IAPs. However, more experienced players will almost certainly use these options.

Choose your weapon

There is another whole section of the game dedicated to guilds. It’s possible to join a guild and compete with other guilds, or you can create a team or add friends. Our prowess in winning our first map earned us the opportunity to join a team.

The feature did not change the game style or strategy much, but if you’re looking for something different, it might be worth a try.

The main draws of Creative Destruction are the ease of learning, the ease of understanding, and the pleasure of playing it.

There’s nothing to lose by checking out this title – the graphics are smooth and the sound is perfect for a mobile title. It is available on Google Play (EU and Japan users here, everywhere else here) and the App Store (EU and Japan users here, everywhere else here).