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Simulation games, unlike racing games, have a lighter entertainment space but equally attractive gameplay. It has long been a popular game series to play cooking games.

The majority of cooking games are entertaining, showing how well each player can cook. The game presents players with many challenges when it comes to cooking.

This article summarizes Cooking City, a mobile app that has recently been downloaded many times.

A fun and easy-to-play cooking game, Cooking City is a great way to spend some time with your family.

The goal of Cooking City is to complete timed food combos instead of running a restaurant like Good Pizza or Great Pizza. Customer satisfaction determines your overall profit as you complete these combos for your customers.

General Information

In Cooking City, players experience fast-paced gameplay while simulating cooking. Become the best chef in Cooking City and explore famous places around the world while learning how to cook delicious food.

You can cook burgers, waffles, French fries, and pizza in Cooking City using hundreds of tasty ingredients. Cooking dishes you’ve never done before will be a new experience for you. The restaurant can grow by upgrading its ingredients.

The players will also learn how to use a variety of kitchen utensils in Cooking City. The restaurant has over eight appliances and utensils for cooking.

When it comes to coffee machines or pizza ovens, professional chefs are always able to use them effectively. To conquer all time limit levels, you’ll need excellent quality cooking tools.

Additionally, Cooking City is a game with an attractive gameplay that simulates cooking and restaurant management. Kids and girls who enjoy cooking and working at home will enjoy Cooking City.

Once you have downloaded and installed Cooking City, you can play without an Internet connection. The time management game you’ll enjoy on your mobile device will keep you entertained.

You can open restaurants anywhere you like and cook delicious dishes. Cooking City is a free cooking simulation game that allows you to build your own sonic empire.

How to Play Cooking City?

A vibrant culinary city is the setting for Cooking City, a fun cooking game. Start preparing ingredients, processing them, and serving delicious dishes to diners when you play Cooking City for free.

Earn achievements while growing your culinary empire in Cooking City to unlock new cooking skills. There is no better time-management simulation game than this one.

Cooking Restaurant Fever and Pizza Cooking are not inferior games when it comes to bringing joy, love of cuisine, and an engaging cooking experience.

Restaurant management game Cooking City is fast and fun. It is possible to play games without an Internet connection at any time and anywhere. Tasty Hills is the dining paradise you’ve been looking for.

There are many restaurants, from low-end to high-end, where chefs are constantly creating new dishes. Cooking City offers you the opportunity to compete in cooking competitions and become the best chef in the city.

You will be tested on your cooking skills through colorful, playful, vivid levels. Make sure your dishes are delicious to impress fastidious diners. Master new recipes, conquer world-famous recipes, and take part in special challenges.

Key Features

Cooking City is an engaging time management game that combines cooking and time management. With Cooking City’s fast-paced gameplay, you can embark on a new culinary adventure.

Love cooking and serving delicious dishes to diners in restaurant management games such as Cooking Town, Crazy Cooking Chef, or Cooking Adventure? Your new favorite game will soon be Cooking City.

You will gain expertise on the kitchen of the Cooking City simulation game by transforming yourself into a chef, opening your own restaurant, travelling around the world, and cooking the best food.

A variety of delicious meals from around the world will be prepared and served by the players.

After that, expand and develop a chain of restaurants across the country, serving pastries as well as delicious fast food, from classical cafes to modern Chinese restaurants. Cooking City’s kitchen allows you to test your culinary skills.

Once you have installed the game, you do not need an Internet connection to play. By preparing delicious meals and opening restaurants wherever you like, you can enjoy time management games on the go.

Create your own culinary empire in Cooking City by combining hundreds of tasty ingredients to make things like burgers, waffles, and French fries. Your cooking skills will be tested as you prepare foods that you have never prepared before.

Otherwise, upgrade your restaurant’s ingredients to boost its growth. It is essential that you are proficient at preparing all dishes and serving customers in each city.

It combines a fast-paced strategy and timed cooking challenges to test your management skills. As a result, you will be able to earn many useful combos and earn a large bonus, as well as enjoy endless fun with continually updating levels and cities.

It is not possible to burn food with special pans unless players use magic booster items to complete special cooking goals.

 Increase restaurant sales by providing unique appliances and utensils for cooking as part of double promotions with over eight restaurants.

Through the use of a variety of kitchen appliance upgrades, professional chefs are always able to effectively manage their time when using coffee machines and pizza ovens.

With the outstanding quality cooking tools, you will be able to cook faster to meet all the time limits.

Overall Assessments

There is nothing like Cooking City when it comes to business games. It is straightforward in its gameplay in which the player takes on the role of a restaurant chef.

Make delicious dishes for your customers by managing your restaurant. To run their shop, players must become chefs.

There will be a wide variety of customers that you will meet. Customers must be satisfied, more food must be provided, and more income must be generated.

Guests will be treated to over 200 different types of delicious dishes. Your cooking skills will be put to the test and you’ll have a chance to upgrade your ingredients and kitchen utensils as well.

Enhance the taste of the food to increase the income for Chinese restaurants from coffee shops.

The game has a variety of different levels and food productions. As a chef, you will travel the world and become known around the world for your culinary skills.

It is possible to earn extra coins and achievement rewards if you plan to serve dishes continuously. You can achieve your cooking goals with magic props, like a pot that will never burn food.

There are a variety of restaurants to choose from, including classic coffee shops, Chinese restaurants, outdoor barbecues, and dessert shops.

Cooking skills can be improved by unlocking additional levels and opening new stores. If you are good at cooking, take your skills to the world by plane. Take your cooking to the next level.

Recommended Alternative: Cooking Madness

Are you passionate about cooking? Are you looking for a way to impress your guests with your delicious dishes? To become the chef of the restaurant here, come to Cooking Madness. With Cooking Madness, you will have enjoyable experiences and fun moments.

Creating dishes for visitors is your job as the restaurant’s chef. It is possible to find many and purely authentic European dishes that are dynamic and fresh.

The quick screen is what you need to go through. As a result, you need to sell enough people to meet the restaurant’s requirements.

Your only concern should be making the right dishes, quickly, and making your customers happy. All of a sudden, everything becomes so easy. The Like button increases your satisfaction index in addition to receiving money.

Final Words

A SIMULATION business game with an emphasis on time management, Cooking City MOD APK is an excellent choice. It is up to players to run their restaurants and provide food to diners from around the world. 

Play with various kitchen utensils and show your cooking skills in the characteristically themed restaurant.

Over 200 different types of delicious dishes are available, including burgers, donuts, French fries, and pizza.

Make the food you make in the game more delicious by upgrading your ingredients and kitchenware, from classic coffee to Chinese restaurants. You can also improve your cooking skills by unlocking additional levels continuously.