Classic 3D Space Strategy Game Haegemonia: Legions Of Iron Comes To Android

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 In the distant future, humanity has spread across the Solar System, leading to rising tensions between Earth and Mars. A crucial summit on the Moon to ease these tensions takes a dark turn when the Martian representative’s shuttle is destroyed by an unknown party. Blaming each other, Earth and Mars plunge into a devastating civil war.


I would like to tell you about my life a few years ago. It was 2002 when I bought Hegemonia (also known as Haegemonia) on a whim. No fewer than four times have I played that game’s campaign mode.

It was a fantastic experience. This may be my last post until early next year since it is now available on Android. In other words, it’s still fun to play on Android, assuming it’s still fun to play.

A 3D space RTS, Haegemonia puts you in command of massive warships and nimble fighters. 

During an internal struggle within the solar system, an alien force descends from beyond the solar system for the purpose of conquering and enslaving humanity.

I can remember playing Haegemonia at some point on my PC, but I don’t remember exactly how the story went, but at the time I found it quite interesting.

It is unclear whether a standalone expansion was included with the original version of the PC game.

In my opinion, the graphics were excellent for the time, and they still look cute on Android today. There might not be a great deal going on in Haegemonia in terms of texture resolution when compared to some of the easier on-rails experiences on mobile devices, but there is still a lot going on.

As there are some controls that have been spread around the screen, the majority of the common actions that need to be performed in order to play the game are handled by multitouch.

Earth Campaign:

 The Earth Campaign serves as a basic training experience for players. They learn the game interface and gradually progress through missions, gaining new units and the ability to build them. The campaign culminates in a final assault on Mars, regardless of the player’s readiness. Winning the battle results in a unified Solar System and the formation of the Legions of Iron.

Mars Campaign: 

The Mars Campaign focuses on intercepting trade ships supplying Earth’s installations and engaging in battles with Earth colonies in the outer regions of the Solar System.

The climax involves attacking Earth itself, destroying enemy units around it. Players must protect two kamikaze ships aimed at Earth’s military bases, ensuring their success.

Legions of Iron: After the war between Earth and Mars concludes, humanity forms the Legions of Iron, an expansionary force that the player commands.

As humans venture beyond the Solar System, they encounter alien civilizations. A war with the Kariak ensues, and it is revealed that the Kariak are being manipulated by the Dark. Humanity and the Kariak join forces to defeat the Darzok and prevent their plan of annihilation.

Gameplay Features:

  1. Create a multi-system empire, colonising various planets using advanced terraforming techniques.
  2. Generate income through taxation, espionage, mining asteroids, receiving tribute, and other means.
  3. Research technologies using research points allocated at the beginning of each mission.
  4. Employ spy ships for espionage missions, including spying on planets, ships, and stations.
  5. Engage in battles using different types of energy weapons: cannons, turrets, and blasters.
  6. Discover and utilise four distinct weapon forms: Proton, Ion, Quantum, and Missiles.
  7. Expand the game experience with The Solon Heritage add-on, offering new features, ships, and game modes.
  8. Experience improved AI behaviour and unpredictable strategies from opponents.


Haegemonia portrays a future where humanity’s conflict between Earth and Mars leads to a unified Solar System and the formation of the Legions of Iron. As players command this vanguard, they encounter new worlds and alien civilizations, ultimately overcoming manipulative forces and securing a brighter future for humanity and its allies.

There are two listings for the game online. One will cost you $3.99 and include the full game, while the other is going to let you play the first four missions for free, after which you will have to pay $3.99 to unlock everything else in the game.

I noticed that there are in-app purchases listed in the paid version, but I think that is a mistake on their part.

Frequently Asked Questions

 Is this game free to play?

Yes, this is completely free to play.

Which system should I need to play this game?

To play this game your system should have the following features:
OS: Windows XP, Vista&Windows 7
Processor: 1GHz
Memory: 512MB ram & 2GB available space