Candy Crush Friends Saga: Biggest Game From King in Four Years

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“We wanted characters who helped you in the game,” he said. “Each of them has a unique style and personality and does fun things.”

The game starts with a more personal view of the world, zoomed in as if you’re standing inside the board and seeing the next 10 or so moves in front of you. After completing this strip of challenges, a prize box appears.

Matches themselves still follow the familiar formula of swiping pieces of candy until three match and disappear, explode, or vanish in some other way. In matches, you will be joined by one of the game’s characters, continuing the 3D look of the game.

Tiffi, with her pigtails, is a rambunctious pigtail girl who mostly smiles and has a big head. Tiffi keeps an eye on your matches while you play.

When you eliminate 10 red candy beans from the board, she turns a random piece of candy into a candy fish. The fish will swim to help you reach your goal on the board if you match its color.

Players unlock more characters as they progress through the game, each with their own unique abilities. There’s Yeti, who will create a wrapped explosive candy on the board, and Nutcracker, who will randomly smack candies after matching enough blue jawbreakers.

There are also unlockable costumes for the characters, so you can, for instance, dress Tiffi as a tiger.

In addition to the new costumes and helpful friends, “Friends” offers new kinds of puzzles. The goal of Free the Octupuses is to remove layers of candy that entrap the cephalopods.

You need to break ice tiles in Find the Animals to free large animal cookies. In Spread the Jam, you have to spread jam across the board in order to cover as many tiles as possible, while Dunk the Cookies asks you to clear candy until the cookies drop down and are dipped in chocolate.

 Last but not least, Collect the Hearts involves moving candy hearts on a track until they fill their heart-shaped molds.

Compared to its predecessors, “Candy Crush Friends Saga” is noticeably more responsive and visually appealing. By adding characters and reducing the player’s view of the 380 levels, the title becomes much more approachable – and harder to put down.

I was able to complete 60 levels in just two days without really thinking about it. Candy Crush Friends Saga is the kind of game you can’t put down, no matter how little or how much time you have available.

Zacconi said that was the idea. Because of this, the game not only has prize boxes stuffed with points dispersed automatically to unlock different characters and costumes, but also daily sign-in bonuses and rewards.

A key element of the game is to make it fun, he said. If you pass the level, the game provides feedback, and if you don’t pass the level, feedback is provided inside the game.”

Most of that feedback comes from characters who are genuinely sad if you don’t succeed. A constant selection of quests also rewards players whether they win or lose.

There may be a match request for 200 red candies to be matched with Tiffi or 1,400 yellow candies to be matched with anyone. The game keeps track of those matches and counts them toward your quest, even if you lose.

Additionally, they plan to continue adding new content to “Friends.”

“One thing we’ve learned over the years is to always release new content and to include surprises in the game,” he said. The players have a reason to come back and keep playing because of it.

In addition, the team worked hard on every aspect of the game until they felt they had it right, including the game’s look and feel. It took more than a dozen versions for the developers to be satisfied with Tiffany’s dance, for example.

King is making a big push to bring more life to their in-game characters with those animations. This, in turn, could lead to the characters being pulled out of the game and used in another medium, such as television or film.

Zacconi said one of his efforts is to figure out how to build the brand next. He said, “We are concentrating on characters.”. “We want these characters to have more personality in the future.”