The 5 Best Brick Breaking Games on Android

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Bat-and-ball games, or brick breaking games, are subclasses of the Breakout genre. It is named for a game mechanic in which the player controls a block, or bat, that hits a ball towards another player’s bat (like Pong) or other objects, such as colored bricks.

You can play these games to kill time or keep the kids entertained. Mobile devices have been bringing them back in a big way.

With their large screens, processing power, and instant accessibility, phones and tablets are ideal platforms for this genre of game. The Google Play Store has seen a significant increase in these types of apps specifically for Android devices.

When there are so many options to choose from, how do you know which ones are worthwhile? You don’t have to worry — we’ve uncovered the five best brick-breaking games for Android.


It’s a brick-breaking game where you play as a mage faced with an array of fantastical beasts. The more you strike at your enemies, the more health they will lose as you defend your town. Without beating them before they reach you, it’s lights out!

Each successful hold will reward you with diamonds and gold, which you can use to improve yourself and your skills. Strengthening your defenses and yourself will increase your chances of success.

One More Brick

Rifter Games has created an addictive little app called One More Brick. There are some nice features included in this unique mash-up of brick breaker and bubble shooter. Aim, bounce, and watch the balls annihilate the bricks as they hit, bounce, and hit each other.

Are you looking for a unique way to make your ball stand out? The Balls Editor allows you to customize your ball. Are you having trouble connecting to the internet? It’s possible to play offline!

Break Bricks

Break Bricks by CanadaDroid features familiar gameplay combined with new challenges and unanticipated obstacles.

You must use the paddle below and ricochets of the ball to destroy all the bricks. At the end of every 30 levels, bosses appear in the form of difficult shapes such as a temple or a dinosaur!

Over 150 challenging levels await you in two different modes — Arcade and Endless! So there will never be a shortage of things to do.

Brick Breaker Hero

The developers at Game Circus LLC have given the classic brick breaker game a new twist with Brick Breaker Hero. Now is your chance to save the captured villagers by breaking out of the monsters’ stronghold!

Over 200 fun and challenging levels await you, along with spells with spectacular effects, bosses and mini-bosses, each with their own mechanics to master. Take a shot at this fun and colorful game and see how far you can get.


Despite the addition of new bonuses and options, Smash by Magma Mobile remains true to its brick-breaking roots. Depending on your preference, you can play in Arcade or Challenge mode.

The Arcade mode allows you to continuously strive for your best score, while Challenge mode allows you to progress at your own pace through the packs and levels.