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Play this 3D action game with powerful weapons to blast your way through enemies and challenges! From the first stages of Bazooka Boy, you won’t be disappointed. As a player, you are responsible for collecting new guns and mastering their characteristics.

What do you think of this idea? Doesn’t it sound fun? You can start wiping out the bad guys blocking your road to victory if you try it! Android devices are compatible with the game, and with levels upon levels, you’ll never be bored.

General information

As a direct download from Google Play Store, Bazooka Boy is published by Supersonic Studios Ltd. As you progress through the game, you’ll encounter a variety of brilliant content and barriers that will challenge you. These are the places where you will encounter flying foes and playful boys.

You don’t need to panic! Destroy their bases and buildings by blowing them up. It is also interesting to note that the game gives you the opportunity to be whatever you want – Well, I mean whatever character you want.

Using that feature, you can even become Batman as an assassin. For a bloody Halloween holiday, why not become a vampire? You won’t find a game as quirky as Bazooka Boy very often.

On Google Play Store, Bazooka Boy has more than +500,000 installations. A situation such as this proves that thousands of players choose to play the game around the world.

You surely love Bazooka Boy, for the most part, so go download it to your Android device. Furthermore, the game is rated 12+ and contains moderate violence.

As of now, there are 400 levels in the game, which is satisfying enough for adventure lovers. The ads, however, must be removed by paying. To remove all of them, it usually costs $3. There is still the issue of watching ads.

Players earn more cash after reaching the next level, but it becomes useless afterward. Therefore, the only way to earn money is to watch the advertisements. Would it be possible to unlock more skins if players wanted to?

Is cash going to be used to make that happen? All of them must be unlocked by viewing ads. Bazooka Boy is a solid and fun game that everyone will enjoy playing.

In this game, you have the option to upgrade your weapons or add your favorite armor. It is not uncommon for your money to pile up after purchasing these items.

The goal of Bazooka Boy is to shoot your way to the end, just like in Drawmaster, an arrow and bow shooting game where you must aim at the target and hit the bull’s eye on each level.

Overall assessments

Having fun with this game can be a great way to pass the time. We recommend you turn on airplane mode so that you won’t be interrupted by ads.

Nevertheless, some people complain that they’re sometimes stuck on a level because once the level starts, their character automatically dies and they can’t do anything about it. There are some dull moments in the game because it’s kind of buggy.

Furthermore, you don’t see any particular advantage or bonus in finishing a level with two bombs and three bombs. Having a higher score type thing here would be useful in this situation.

Although the recent update fixed some annoying bugs, the bunker bomb is now invisible. Though Bazooka Boy is a good game, there are some issues that it needs to fix.

In addition, players tend to repeat the in-game levels once they surpass 100, and some have already passed 800.

In addition to this, the game itself is a lot of fun and is sure to keep you entertained for a long time. Additionally, it offers plenty of weapon choices for gamers. As soon as you reach level 437, you usually don’t have to deal with ads.

Sadly, one or two players admit they can’t get through this level, despite shooting the red guy with all kinds of guns. A request for help was even sent by email, but there was no response. This leads to the gamers waiting and having to restart the game.


One of the most amazing features of the game is the variety of weapons you can use to eliminate your enemies.

Many types of weapons are available, including grenades, shotguns, bazookas, clusters, and bursts. There are brilliant qualities in every gun just waiting to be discovered.

Experience a 3D shooting battle in Bazooka Boy by working your way through several levels.

Once you pass level 100, you’ll see ads as the game begins to repeat itself, and you’ll have access to different guns.

Now, players can only buy guns, and once you have all of them, there is nothing else you can buy. Shooters must therefore accumulate money for further upgrades.

When you have collected the equipment you want, use it to make your opponents fly while you destroy their bases and homes.

There are endless possibilities and destruction that the shooter can use to reach his goal. Try to complete all the levels, as there are many to choose from.

There is no doubt that Bazooka Boy is a fun challenge game that is worth checking out, and you will enjoy exploring every corner it has to offer.

The game features outstanding physics as well as realistic explosion effects that make every level stand out from other games of the same genre.

As a result, Bazooka Boy can be a good way to “kill” at times, especially when you encounter funny-looking little figures. It looks great until level 437 when the game glitches and doesn’t let you progress.

Throughout the game, you learn which weapon is appropriate for each mission. Even though there are some repeats, it’s still a lot of fun.


Players will enjoy good-looking graphics from the get-go in the Android game. Additionally, each level is more special than ever thanks to the incredible physics in Bazooka Boy.

I would say that this strategy game is more of a time passer than anything else! Even though it looks easy, don’t underestimate the complexity of this task. The weapon you choose to use will have a huge impact on your strategy, depending on what weapon you decide to use.

There will be explosions and collapses of different buildings that will cause foes to die. There are only a limited number of grenade launchers, clothes, and accessories that can be obtained based on your success on the battlefield.

Having a game that lets you relieve your stress and comfortably pass the time is a great stress reliever.

To make the game even more enjoyable, more features and challenges should be added to it. The family sharing feature should be added to the Pro version of the game for $6.

Final words

You can play Bazooka Boy on your smartphone and it’s a badass action game. A bazooka and many other weapons are used in the game to kill enemies, as well as puzzle elements.

Shooting and destroying the red guys’ bases is the only way to defeat hundreds of levels. With the new version, you’ll find bugs fixed, improvements made, and even spooky skins available. Don’t waste any more time, try it out now!

Frequently Asked Questions

 What is Bazooka Boy?

 Bazooka Boy is an engaging mobile game where you assume the role of a boy armed with a bazooka. Your objective is to navigate through levels, defeat enemies, and solve puzzles for an entertaining gaming experience.

 How do I control the character in Bazooka Boy?

In Bazooka Boy, you can control the character by swiping left or right on the screen to move. To aim and shoot the bazooka, simply tap on an enemy or object.

Are there any power-ups in this app?

Yes, Bazooka Boy offers various power-ups throughout each level. These power-ups can enhance your performance by providing extra ammo, health packs, speed boosts, and other advantageous abilities.

 Is an internet connection required for playing Bazooka Boy?

No, an internet connection is not necessary once Bazooka Boy is installed on your device. However, certain features such as the online leaderboard may require an internet connection to function.