Ball Blast APK + MOD (Unlimited Money) v1.94

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Introducing Ball Blast

Among the games in Voodoo are simple but highly addictive. The talented developer behind Helix Jump and once stormed the offline game market with their games. Currently, Ball Blast is available for free on both iOS and Android operating systems. It is a great entertainment game.

Balls and numbers

Voodoo has always turned to the ball for inspiration, whether it is Dune, Fire Up, or Rolly Vortex. The fact that developers can create many titles with great addictive abilities simply by using simple balls is interesting. Additionally, the numbers that appear in this game appeal to those who like to calculate and use logic to guide their gameplay trends. Players are sure to find many interesting things in this game thanks to this combination.


Ball Blast involves shooting down enemies with a mobile cannon. Your opponent will fall from the sky and bring in different numbers as you drag your finger to the side. When the ball reaches 0, it will explode and drop gold coins. If you attempt to shoot the ball, it will not stand still. If you fall on a round sphere with high elasticity, you will bounce back. The problem isn’t just that you lose if they fall on you in the air. With each big ball you shoot down, you get two more balls with the same score. This continues until the size of the ball becomes too large for this to happen.

Many challenges

When viewing a falling ball, be cautious if it splits into two. Ball Blast multiplies small balls several times by normal balls. Statistics indicate that 30% of players die from small balls. How well you recognize this depends on both your sanity and mastery of the game.

As you break more balls, the difficulty of the game increases. As you progress through the levels, the balls appear more frequently and move faster. It is during these times that you can discover how far you can go.

Ball Blast was created to resemble an endless run game, but the balls will fall until you make another mistake. This makes the game interesting, since players will have the psychology to play more to improve their record when they lose when in progress. Good luck and invite more friends to play.

Super big guns

In order to overcome them, more advanced weapons are required. More powerful guns, allowing players to shoot down balls faster, are an essential item as the game progresses.

As you progress through the game, you’ll be able to purchase items in the store, including firecrackers, with the money you collect. Using the guns with cool shapes will help you win every challenge.


In Voodoo’s Ball Blast, you will find attractive graphics like in other Voodoo games. Throughout the levels you will enjoy the wide view and bright colors. The upgraded cannons are also equipped with beautiful accessories.I believe even the most demanding players will be pleased with this game.

APK version of Ball Blast MOD

Feature of MOD

Diamonds abound in your possession.

The Ball Blast MOD should be used with caution

You may wonder why Ball Blast (MOD Unlimited Money) shows 0 coins when you open it. In the store, you can unlock firecrackers and many other items after collecting the first gold coin. For each cannon, you must reach a certain level.

Download Ball Blast APK & MOD for Android

Ball Blast is an easy game that can be played anywhere, anytime. Playing a few games after each stressful lesson, tired working hours, or every morning to wake up inspired is also a good idea. Would you like to take part in this unlimited ball shooting game?