Badlanders: Beginners’ Guide, Tips and Tricks

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NetEase has just released a brand new first-person shooter (FPS) game for mobile devices called Badlanders. It intends to offer something quite different from the typical battle royale genre by giving it a new spin in some way.

If you are familiar with the popular computer and console game Escape from Tarkov, you will have a good idea of what we are referring about here. On the other hand, if you have never played it before, you will most likely find the premise of this brand new game to be rather intriguing.

Before you go in headfirst, get a grasp on the overall concept of the game. It is generally a good idea to do this before you start playing. This Badlanders beginner’s guide will walk you through all of the fundamental facts you need to know to get started playing the game.

If you are a new player, there are also some hints and suggestions that should make it easier for you to become acclimated to the game.

The standard battle royale format is going to get a makeover in Badlanders by shifting the focus of the game’s goals. You are one of 25 players who are spawned onto a map at a place that is chosen at random.

The only goal of the game is to emerge victorious by vanquishing all of your foes and coming in first place. This Badlanders beginner’s guide has everything you need to know to get started with the game, including what you should do and keep in mind while you play.

1. Looting

The first thing you need to do, just like in every other battle royale game, is look for treasure in the various buildings and natural features of the terrain. The better the treasure, the greater the rarity of the item.

When doing this, you will be in competition with the other 24 players, and as a result, you will constantly have to keep an eye on your back while you are looting.

The looting mechanisms work quite similarly to those seen in other games that you may have played before, such as PUBG Mobile or the Battle Royale mode in Call of Duty Mobile.

2. Escaping

The catch is that instead of competing to see who can survive the battle the longest, you will be working toward evacuating the arena by one of many available exits in order to save yourself from the mayhem that will be taking place.

After a certain length of time has elapsed from the moment the battle begins, these escape spots become accessible in randomised locations around the map. After they have been opened, you will be able to leave the arena by any one of these places in order to win the battle for yourself.

You need just enter the escape location and wait for the timer to run out in order to successfully escape.

Every round lasts for twenty minutes till it is over and all of the participants are eliminated. You have the option of spending further time looting and then moving on to an escape location that becomes available later in the game.

You might perhaps opt to get your booty as swiftly as possible and make a hasty exit. It is entirely up to you to decide. Just keep these two things in mind: first, the exits will lock a few minutes after they have been opened to the public.

Second, you should be aware that there will be other players who are also trying to leave the room at the same time as you.

You can very much always expect to encounter at least one other person making their way to the same escape spot as you, and often more than that. Therefore, you must move cautiously throughout the battlefield.

3. Fighting

Even if it doesn’t take up much of the game’s attention, fighting is still a highly vital aspect. You are unable to see how many other players are presently on the map, and as a result, you are required to constantly operate under the assumption that there is another player there.

Once again, fighting works exactly the same way as it does in every other battle royale game. When you kill an enemy, you will be able to loot all of the items that they were carrying at the time of their death.

On the other hand, if you die, you will forfeit all of your stuff, which may not seem like a big deal given that there is nothing else to lose. On the other hand, the pursuit of loot is the primary objective in Badlanders.

4. The Warehouse

Playing matches in Badlanders is all about gaining loot. The loot you gathered can be taken safely with you if you escape. All of this goes into your warehouse, which is your personal loot storage area. Weapons, ammo, and other loot can be used by you.

Consumables, etc., can all be taken back to the next match. You can craft new items using the materials you gather. A virtual marketplace is another option for selling your loot. As a starter player, you can only sell the basic items at basic prices on the AI market.

You will be able to access the auction marketplace once you reach Level 6. With other real players, you will be able to trade valuable items.

The game is primarily focused on loot, as we mentioned previously. If you die during a match, all your items are available for pick-up by other players.

If you die, even one of the rarest items in the game will be lost to you. There is a lot of emphasis on risk and reward, as you can see. The stakes are high when it comes to battle.

Tips and Tricks to win matches easily in Badlanders

The above sections in this Badlanders beginners guide may have left you feeling a little put off by the fact that all your hard work can be lost in seconds if you die. You don’t have to worry about it too much. Here are some tips and tricks to help you get past the different stages of Badlanders and win matches quickly.

1. Don’t worry about dying

Whenever you play a shooter game, the first tip you should follow is not to worry about dying. When you get killed in Badlanders, where there are many risks, it can be very frustrating. Keeping your cool, moving on, and trying again will help. You will only play worse and worse if you get frustrated every time you die.

2. Use your safe wisely

Your inventory can be stored in the safe as an extra space. Thanks to this, you will not lose anything you put here if you die. Even if you only have to put basic items in this space, you should keep it filled up. Filling it up will ensure that you can keep some items even after you pass away.

3. Take advantage of the common items

Despite being cheap and common, disposable items can also be very useful. A backpack or ammunition could be included. Stocking this up in your warehouse instead of selling it will allow you to use it during your next battle.

This means that, at the beginning of a match, you would have a selection of basic but useful items at your disposal. Even if you lose those items, they are cheap and easy to find anyway, so there is no cost to you.

4. Look out for campers and eleminate them

The escape points are one of the main features of Badlanders. Considering there is only a limited amount that opens for a short time, these areas are likely to be crowded. There is almost always someone else heading to the same escape point as you.

It is possible that they are hiding in buildings or behind bushes at times. Make sure you move carefully around escape points in order to keep yourself hidden.

The element of surprise you gain by spotting a hidden enemy can be used to sneak up on them from close range and eliminate them. The best option would be to do that.

An alternative combat strategy is to arrive early at escape points, clear out the area, and then set up your own hiding spot. You will eventually see players approaching you. Keeping your back covered may prevent them from sneaking up on you.

5. Sell all those things you do not need

Because this game is all about making money, you should always try to sell everything you don’t need. Auctions are available for selling valuable items, while AI markets are available for quick-selling common items.

Stocking up on basic essentials like armor, backpacks, and weapons is a good idea as previously mentioned. The low-level ammo should be kept as a basic necessity.

The other rarities can be sold for extra income. The masks and boots are not necessary in addition to the armor. There will always be some in battle, and you’ll find them quite quickly.