Among the Dead Ones

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Nicky Lee is the creator of ATDO (Package Name: com.nicky.atdo), and the most recent update to AMONG THE DEAD ONESTM 1.0 was made on August 11, 2022. Simulation is the genre under which A Among The Dead OnesTM falls.

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It was recreated from the ground up with better mechanics and performance in mind! **NEW UPDATE (0.01)!

The open-world zombie survival game, Among The Dead Ones, is still in development.

Present-day characteristics:

Fighting and surviving the dead ones

A brutal method of melee combat featuring dismemberment

An accurate day and night cycle

Future Features: -Explore a magnificent open world filled with NPCs and perils.

Make a range of weapons and accessories.

Create a wide variety of goods, including bandages, medical kits, homemade bombs, tents, flares, campfires, and much more.

Zombies are realistic; if bitten once, you will definitely die unless you have powerful medicine, etc.

Search the globe for whatever materials you might need to construct your own safe haven.

Construct a strong foundation to ensure your survival.

Realistic physics and weaponry; after a certain amount of use, weapons destruct.

Realistic components of survival such as hunger, thirst, and sleeping metres

(Many more features will be added and removed as the game develops based on player feedback.)

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The elements of this game are still being developed, so they may change.

Most likely, there will be errors, missing information, and features. Each update will provide more stuff.

ATDO 1.0 Update

0.01.1 (Added) Hotfix -Graphic Settings have been added to the Inventory Menu (Fix): -Corrected a few weapon values

(Fix): -Removed the level’s large walls.

(Fix): – Performance upgrades