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8 Ball Pool offers a captivating and thrilling gaming experience inspired by authentic 3D pool games. Engage in online challenges with your friends and aim to conquer the title of pool master!
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As billiards is the most famous game around the world wide and if you are a fan of this game you might love this game. This is the best billiards game with unique and exciting features.

Players will be able to easily control this game with a unique touch control system. You can join your friends in this game and become a classic player. This game makes you addicted and you will enjoy playing this game.

App Name8 Ball Pool
PublisherMini Clip. com
Latest Version5.13.0
MOD INFOUnlimited Cue/coins  
Android Support 4.4 and above

Interesting Features of this game

8 Ball Pool unlimited

This game is the most popular worldwide. Some most important features of this game are the followings:

8 Ball Pool: 

The World’s no 1 Pool Game. 8 Ball Pool is a viral and widely recognized pool game. It has gained the reputation of being the number one pool game globally, and it is available for play on mobile devices.

 Billiards Champion:

 Aim to Become the best player. This is the competitive aspect of the game. It suggests that players can strive to become the leading billiards champion by honing their skills, employing smart strategies, and participating in various game modes.

 1v1 Mode:

 Compete Against Players Worldwide. The 1v1 mode in the 8 Ball Pool allows players to engage in head-to-head matches against opponents from different countries.

It highlights the excitement of competing globally and the time limit of 30 seconds per turn. 

Tournament Mode:

 Organise Social Events with your friends. This Tournament Mode enables players to create and host their own tournaments, inviting friends and up to 8 participants to compete against each other.

It emphasizes the social aspect of the game, where players can enjoy friendly competitions and crown champions.


Simple yet Effective 2D design focuses on the visual aspects of the game. It mentions that 8 Ball Pool features simple but effective 2D graphics that effectively simulate the physical gameplay of billiards. The satisfying sound effects enhance the immersive experience.

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 MOD Features: 

Enhancements and new additions. Here, I will tell you about the modifications (MOD) that can be made to the game.

A MOD version of 8 Ball Pool exists, which may offer extended guidelines, making it easier to pocket balls. It mentions the advantage of not needing precise aiming and an increased likelihood of winning.

 Play with Care:

 Avoid Bans and play responsibly. A cautionary message, advising players to be careful while playing 8 Ball Pool to avoid being banned.

It implies that playing the game responsibly and adhering to the rules is essential for a safe and enjoyable experience. 


The general nature of playing pool as a challenging game. It mentions that the pool requires focus, creativity, and control to consistently sink balls into the pockets.

It compares professionals who play pool effortlessly to encourage players to improve their skills.

 Some Main Features of 8 Ball Pool

The MOD version of 8 Ball Pool offers specific features not present in the original game. It mentions extended stick guidelines, which assist players in aiming and making shots. It indicates that the mod may provide an advantage by increasing the ease of putting balls in the pool.

 Exciting Gameplay and Tournaments

 Overall enjoyable gameplay experience of 8 Ball Pool. It mentions the opportunity to participate in tournaments, win trophies, and acquire exclusive cues. It highlights the thrill of playing against real players and the chance to improve skills. 

Enjoy a Realistic Pool Experience with 8 Ball Pool

Playing 8 Ball Pool provides a realistic pool experience. It mentions the availability of various pool cues, the ability to play against real players, and the option to earn in-game coins. It emphasizes that the game closely resembles the real-life game of pool.

8 Ball Pool free mod apk


  • It is a reliable game that can be played by all users. 
  • Easy control makes the game perfect for newbie pool players to know about the technique and experiments.
  • An honest match with great graphics and sound.


  1. The game may lack diversity in terms of different game modes or variations, potentially leading to repetitive gameplay.


In conclusion, 8 Ball Pool is a highly popular and addictive billiards game that offers a unique and exciting experience for players around the world. With its easy touch control system, even new players can quickly learn the techniques and strategies of this game.

The game’s 8 Ball Pool mode, considered the world’s number one pool game, allows players to aim to become the best player and compete against opponents globally in the 1v1 mode. 

In this game, players have the opportunity to organize events and compete in tournament mode against friends as well as other players.

Playing billiards is enhanced by the simple yet effective 2D graphics and satisfying sound effects. While the MOD version offers additional features like extended guidelines, players are advised to play responsibly to avoid any bans.

 Overall, 8 Ball Pool provides an enjoyable and realistic pool experience, allowing players to improve their skills, participate in exciting tournaments, and win exclusive cues and trophies.

A lack of variety in game modes or variations, however, may be a drawback for some players, resulting in repetitive gameplay. Nevertheless, with its wide popularity and addictive gameplay, 8 Ball Pool remains a reliable choice for billiards enthusiasts of all skill levels. 


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