Tile Connect – Classic Match

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Within the allotted time, connect pairs of tiles with several photos. You can complete the level by destroying every tile on the board! Level after level, conquor the tile game! Play at an increasing pace to sharpen your mind and work the links!

Be prepared to completely appreciate the array of images on the tiles, including adorable animals, mouthwatering fruits and cakes, stunning clothing, cool cars, and adorable toys, among others. You may undoubtedly locate your preferred blocks!

Latest version of Tile Connect

The Playground Mode includes three minigames:

Woodblock: insert the pieces into the board and draw a line through them to clear them.

Zuma: Crush two common tiles before the tile line reaches the terminal!

Find the Same: To clear the board in a set amount of time, locate every identical tile on it.

They’re all prepared for you right now! Enjoy the fresh gameplay!

Levels and cash may be used to unlock 10+ scenes of themes!

Fields, wood floors, sand, etc.

Fresh surroundings, new emotions!

More benefits for doing everyday duties!

Emerging tiles when playing in challenge mode! Reach level 5 to receive a massive bonus!

Spin the turnplate for a daily bonus at random using the luck draw!

Gold Pig: Keep your money in storage till you have enough!

Free gold: Everyday random bonus!

Every week, hundreds of fascinating new levels are introduced!

Come to the slide puzzle game to free match and smash tiles!

Key Features

A variety of images on the tiles: Thousands of images arise at random, level by level!

As many of them as you can, crush!

Connect number pairings, connect animal pairs, connect fruit pairs…

Stunning sign map with over 20 constellations for each chapter.

Imagine yourself aboard a spacecraft travelling through the universe!

Simple game mechanics: Tap the tiles to join them as quickly as you can!

Just pay attention to the clock! Obtain stars one by one!

Choosing strong tools: To progress more swiftly, use tools!

Find one pair by searching!

Help you swap out the tiles in the matrix!

Help you modify the whole tile category by changing the images!

Autosave and offline play: Use whenever and anywhere you like!

No matter where you are—at home, at work, or while studying—Tile Connect encourages you to unwind and work out.

Improved task attention and concentration: Wonderful brain-training video games!

A fun game that the entire family can play together!

How to play

Locate two similar tiles free of any other blocks of tiles!

Take a close look at the photographs.

Tap the tiles to form no more than three straight lines of connection!

We won’t take any more than three.

Make use of strong tools as you like!

Don’t give up if you run across problems; try the help.

Break every tile in the allotted time!

When connecting, pay attention to the clock.

Complete each level to master the tile game!

To find out who is the greatest, compete with your friends!

Come play Tile Connect, a free puzzle game, now!

Show that you are a tile linking expert!

I sincerely hope you enjoy playing!