How do I play Riptide GP2 with my friends?

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The game’s multiplayer options are currently three options and not all of them are supported across all of the platforms, but they do all work in most instances.

  • Log in with your account and you’ll be able to play with other players online over the Internet while logging in with your account.  Using the Invite feature, you have the option of either playing against random opponents or inviting friends to play with you. 
    • The following platforms are supported:
      • The iOS platform (using the Game Center application)
      • You can use Steam (using your Steam ID) to access the server
      • Please note that online multiplayer is no longer supported on Google Play as of today.
  • As you try to set the best time on each track to set your best time on the VR challenge, you will be racing against ghosts of your friends.
    • There are several platforms that we support:
      • The Android operating system (using the Google Play Game Services)
      • The iOS platform (using the Game Center application)
      • You can use Steam (by using your Steam ID) to connect to the server
      • Using Game Circle, Amazon provides a platform for you to play games
      • Game services provided by Google Play are available on the Windows Store
      • If you’re using an Xbox One (using the Xbox ID), follow these steps
      • It is possible to use PlayStation 4 with PlayStation Network (PSN).
  • With Split Screen Multiplayer you have the possibility to race against multiple friends on the same device at the same time!  Run the game on your device, and connect two Bluetooth or USB games controllers (or a TV remote control if it is a Smart TV remote control) to it.
  • There are multiple screens visible at once, one for each controller, with the screen divided into multiple smaller ones.
    • The following platforms are supported:
  • MobileOS (Android)
    • The steam engine
    • The website
    • There’s no limit to how many players you can have on the Xbox One!
    • The PlayStation 4