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You may construct your museum in record time if you get the Pull Him Out APK (Unlimited Money, Unlocked) from APKPINE. Participate in the action in the newest brain-teasing game produced by Lion Studios here.

Bring up the subject of Pull Him Out.

In recent times, Lion Studios has had a great deal of success with two entertaining puzzle games called Clue Hunter and Save the Girl. More than 20 million people have downloaded these two distinct games from Google Play, and there have been millions of good ratings left for both.

As a result of that achievement, they proceeded with the development of Pull Him Out, another puzzle game with a somewhat different gameplay style.


The tale in Pull Him Out is about a man who is an archaeologist, and it is very entertaining. He was on an exciting journey through the forest when he stumbled across and picked up by chance a map that detailed the path to a fabled treasure hidden inside an old Egyptian pyramid.

You will assist him in retrieving all of the valuables contained inside it and devise a strategy for navigating the challenges posed by the pyramid. There is molten rock, lethal gas, and even a mummy in there waiting for you.

In addition to this, you assist him in realizing his ambition of constructing a museum that would house the items he has amassed over his travels.


When compared to the previous two games developed by Lion Studios, Pull Him Out has a few distinctive characteristics that set it apart. You are presented with challenges consisting of barriers that are pegged off from one another, and there are no right or incorrect responses.

You will need to establish a hierarchy to determine which peg should be removed first since, according to the laws of physics, everything in that layer will eventually slide down to the next tier. You will be able to complete the level if you have collected all of the loot without being hurt.

You will find a problem involving lava when you get to level 4 in the first chapter. First, pull the lock to the side to allow the water to trickle down and cool the lava, and then pull the latch to the side to halt the treasure. If this is the case, your wealth will not be destroyed, and you will also be able to pass through it to reach the next level.

A great deal of material.

The fact that there are many various things to do in Pull Him Out, in addition to searching for riches, is what makes this game so exciting. The second chapter tasks you with getting a female out of a burning building safely.

Make use of a bottle of water to extinguish the fire, and don’t forget to grab a mask to protect yourself from the smoke and the poisonous gas. You may also let the deadly gas escape by opening the windows in the room. In addition, if you do not want a hungry dog to devour you, you should try to divert it with something else first.

In general, Pull Him Out’s riddles are fairly logical and useful. On occasion, though, it will also include certain conundrums that defy logic. During the second chapter of the game, I came across a problem that used a bar of soap. After conducting a few studies, I learned that soap transforms electrified water into bubbles, which in turn protects you from receiving an electric shock. I don’t know why it does this; but, it does.

Unlock skins

While you are playing, you may get new skins in one of two ways: either by paying real money or by viewing advertisements. Pull Him Out allows you to customize the look of your main character by providing you with 17 different amusing clothes to choose from. You have the option of dressing him in a king’s robes, a dinosaur costume, or the armor of a knight made of iron.

Build your museum

When level 8 has been successfully completed, the museum will become accessible. You put the money into the construction of new structures and the improvement of existing ones in the museum region, including pyramids, ancient Egyptian figures, jewels, and so on.

Do you recognize any of the names? These are the items that you have amassed during the course of your travels.


The 2D visuals in Pull Him Out are intricately crafted and include a wide color palette. Even though it is merely a straightforward puzzle game, Lion Studios nonetheless crafts everything in great detail and with great care, which demonstrates the publisher’s excitement for this particular title.

The characters have a very humorous look as well; after successfully completing a level, he would jump up and down with excitement.

The Pull Him Out game in MOD APK format.

MOD perks and perks

You are provided with an unlimited supply of money when playing this game. As a consequence of this, you will not have to watch advertisements in order to gain more incentives after completing each level.

Unlocked: All skins have been unlocked. You have the ability to choose any skin you desire.

No Ads

You can get the Pull Him Out APK and MOD file for Android here.

Have you ever gone on an exciting journey that included solving entertaining puzzles? You will be kept entertained throughout Pull Him Out by a succession of puzzles that, although not very difficult, have the potential to bog you down at moments.

Download this game using the URL that can be found below this page, and if you like playing it, please let us know in the comments section.