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Minecraft PE Village & Pillage is available for free download on Android: this minor update improves the game’s performance and changes a few things.

How does MCPE differ from MCPE

The Village and Pillage Update is already close to its release, according to Mojang Studios. Therefore, most of the beta versions will be small.

There is still a lot to see in the game, however. Players can once again earn the “Rainbow Collection” achievement in Minecraft PE

Minecraft PE

In order to achieve this goal, it is necessary to collect all sixteen colors of wool. By the way, all high translucency blocks no longer prevent grass from growing. Map creators were plagued by this issue.

It has been resolved in MCPE


Additionally, Mojang Studios is striving to deliver the best possible gaming experience. With Minecraft PE, they managed to do so across all platforms.

A high number of players reported UI problems, for instance.

The inventory and containers were laggy. Opening a container would freeze the game. The game’s overall quality was poor. As far as I could tell, Nether couldn’t upload chunks on time, and the Overworld was way too heavy to play.

In MCPE, developers are working to resolve those issues. Game performance can be challenging.


The patch notes are also displayed every time you launch the game after a new update has been rolled out. In some cases, however, incorrect entries may appear.

If you run Minecraft PE, these announcements should appear.

As a result, you no longer have to struggle to close them. Prior to this, the closing button was out of reach.

As a result, you couldn’t begin playing. MCPE may have put an end to this terrific gaming experience.

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What is the procedure for getting a camera in MCPE

The item is still useless, so you won’t be able to get it.


Whenever they move, they sway.


It is possible to use autofill with them.

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