Hogwarts Legacy: Can you be Evil?

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You must fess up to the fact that you have, on occasion, caused some Sims to drown or that you have accidentally caused a ride in RollerCoaster Tycoon to explode. While you’re playing video games, there’s absolutely no guilt in delving into the more sinister aspects of your nature.

Everyone is wondering about what it’s like to be a charming dark wizard now that the new Hogwarts Legacy game is almost about to be released. You do realise that there are instances when it’s really incredibly wonderful to be evil, right?

Characters like Dolores Umbridge, Voldemort, and Bellatrix LeStrange are all examples of how every single one of these people is a fascinating person. Even though they are evil, people find them interesting.

It is enough to make anybody ponder, “If I lived in the world of Harry Potter, what would it be like to be a villainous wizard?”

We were finally able to get some answers to this Incendio-like topic at the most recent gameplay demo that was put on by Sony. This question is one that everyone must be thinking about.

Can you be evil in Hogwarts Legacy?

Both yes and no In Hogwarts Legacy, you won’t be able to take on the role of a true bad guy, but you will have the option to use dark magic and play as a malicious wizard.

Because this is an open world role-playing game, there are a plethora of possibilities for you to personalise your character, choose your family, and advance your magical abilities and talents.

According to the information that is currently available, it would seem that you have the option to be a member of House Slytherin, and it is common knowledge that this is the origin of all of the evil wizards. That settles it, then.

There are, however, further grounds to think that Hogwarts Legacy will provide you the opportunity to become a dark wizard.

At some point at the conclusion of the promotional video, it is alluded to that your character may actually go “down a darker road,” while simultaneously showing the Avada Kedavra curse taking the life of an unnamed adversary.

Praise Merlin, and may God bless your heart, which is not so pure. You’re such a maniac, it seems as if you’ll be “Managing some Mischief” after all.

Choosing between good or evil in Hogwarts Legacy

A little deeper into the video titled “State of Play,” you will notice that there is the potential to become friends with certain kids and acquire a buddy.

You have the option to make one of your buddies a “charismatic Slytherin student,” who will almost certainly lead you down the path to some challenging tasks. Which to tell you the truth, it seems like a whole lot of fun in all honesty.

Oh, and it just so happens that you have the ability to practise magic that has been lost to the ages. Don’t allow the fact that this makes you the person who will ultimately determine the destiny of the Wizarding World distract you from being an outstanding student for the time being; you’ve been selected!

Regardless of the decisions you make regarding the growth of the characters, there will most likely be a narrative and plot for you to follow.

To reiterate, based on what we saw in the trailer, there is a connection between the Goblin Rebellion and some evil wizards, and it would seem that these individuals are your foes in the main mission.

You don’t need to take any lessons in divination to figure out that at some time in the game you’ll have to face off against these enemies in order to make forward and see how the tale develops.

Even if your goal is to become the most terrible, vile, and despicable wizard that Hogwarts has ever seen, your primary objective should be to vanquish our common foes and preserve the existence of magic in the world.

Hogwarts Legacy game-play and more

According to Sony’s State of Play, the main focus of the gameplay is exploration, which, if you ask us, is really responsible for almost 90 percent of the anticipation.

Imagine for a moment that you would be able to physically go to Hogwarts, explore all of its hidden corridors, and, on top of that, you would be allowed to leave the grounds of the school.

Leaving the castle and venturing into the outer world, including the Forbidden Forest, Hogsmeade, the grounds of the school, and even the surrounding countryside. You are free to use your evil wizard whenever you choose during combat, although it is most effective on the battlefield’s periphery.

There is a sufficient number of formidable foes to vanquish, as well as an abundance of powerful spells with which to accomplish so.

You are going to enrol in a magical school and become a real wizard. Therefore, it doesn’t matter whether you have the option of being a good or a bad wizard; either way, you are going to do it! What else could you possibly hope for at this point? Magical Puzzles? Done.

Iconic locales that you will now be able to visit? Got ’em. What’s next, potions, herbology, and strange beasts? It’s all in the package.

Quidditch? Hmm, they didn’t really talk much about Quidditch in the video, but flying on a broomstick is the most efficient method to move from one part of the map to another, so there’s that!

Now, what more could possibly be missing from amazing game? The Mandatory Requirements Room!

You just transferred there and are starting in the 5th year, so this appears to be the place where you can get everything you need to catch up to the other students because Hogwarts Legacy would not be complete without it, and this appears to be the place where you can get everything you need to catch up to the other students because you just transferred there.

You are in luck because you will get all the assistance you need to give Hermione a run for her money if she is there.

Overall, aficionados will recognise a lot of themes in the setting of Hogwarts Legacy, but the game actually seems like it’s for everyone: it’s a magical world coming to life. Who would have guessed that a game in which the primary aim is just going to school would have all of us so excited?

Will Harry Potter or Hermoine be in Hogwarts Legacy?

Due to the fact that the events of Hogwarts Legacy take place in the 1800s, neither Harry Potter nor Hermoine will appear in the game. Unless, of course, they have the ability to travel across time!

This new time setting is most likely a good thing, as it indicates that you are going to be producing a completely new magical experience without interfering with the franchise or the characters that we are already familiar with and like.

Hogwarts Legacy platforms

The video game Hogwarts Legacy will be available on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S when it is published. Hogwarts Legacy will also be playable on personal computers, which brings us to our last point.

What is the releasedate of Hogwarts Legacy?

You’re definitely curious about when the next instalment of the Hogwarts series will be released. It is anticipated that Hogwarts Legacy will be available for purchase during the holiday season of 2022. If you ask us, this would be an outstandingly wonderful present to get for Christmas!

It is almost identical to obtaining your very own acceptance letter to Hogwarts, written by Dumbledore himself. Try to guess what’s going on both of our Christmas wish lists this year! Where do you stand?

When can I pre-order Hogwarts Legacy?

Because it is not yet possible to place a pre-order for Hogwarts Legacy, the game is not yet available for purchase in the eShops of PlayStation, Xbox, or Nintendo. On the other hand, we couldn’t call ourselves Startselect if we didn’t provide a solution to that rather trivial problem.

Just use one of our gift cards to give yourself the requisite amount of credit for your PlayStation, Xbox, or Nintendo eShop account. You will be able to pre-order or purchase Hogwarts Legacy the moment it is made available to the public.

When you pre-order a game digitally, you open yourself up to a wide variety of perks, one of which is the ability to preload the game in preparation for when it is finally released.

Which is often when the clock strikes midnight, which is the ideal moment for aspiring Dark Wizards to emerge from hiding and alter the Wizarding World in a way that cannot be reversed. Accio gift cards!