Tips and tricks for getting high scores in Traffic Rider for Android

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SK Games has released a number of games over the past couple of years that, although being functionally similar, are nonetheless surprisingly entertaining to play.

The creators have a remarkable talent for taking straightforward ideas and mechanics and combining them to create a mystical time vacuum from which it is hard to escape.

This endless running phenomenon is so popular that every new release is eagerly anticipated.

This is the case with Traffic Rider for Android, SK Games’ third and unquestionably most captivating endless racer. More than ten million people have downloaded Traffic Rider on their Android device in the month since its Christmas Eve release, a testament to how well-liked the game’s Android port is.

What’s more striking is that the game still has a commendable 4.8 rating on the Play Store despite having more than a million reviews.

A full career mode has been added, which gives the already excellent endless running experience a bit more complexity and variation. Updated texturing, lighting, and sound effects also bring a degree of refinement not found in the company’s earlier titles.

So, What Is Traffic Rider? 

In Traffic Rider, the player takes on the role of an unknown person who has to go somewhere quickly, much like its predecessors Traffic Racer and Wings on Fire.

Since this game truly makes you struggle to understand its plot, the spectator is left to determine the exact endpoint. Just joking, there isn’t even a story!

In Traffic Rider, the player mostly looks over a set of handlebars while the action is taking place in first person. One button controls the gas, another the brake, and the way your rider is leaning is controlled by tilting the phone back and forth. Players may acquire larger, fancier motorcycles and new, harder stages as they go.

Upgrades to your hog are not required at any stage, but if you want to complete career mode, you’ll need to power up your bike in a number of various ways.

The additional modes provide a tonne of replay value, the amount of personalization is well above that of prior SK Games games, and the fact that it is completely free is also never a bad thing.

Although in-app purchases are accessible, there is no need to take out your money if you are a skilled player or a committed grinder.

Just A Few Tips Before Starting Out

Traffic Rider is not a thoughtless experience, despite the fact that the controls appear to be kindergarten-level simple. To get through the challenges that lie ahead, you’ll need lightning-quick reflexes and plenty of patience. However, consider these basic suggestions before fastening your helmet:

Death is at every turn in a game that involves flying into heavy traffic, as one might anticipate. One incorrect move typically necessitates a mission restart because Traffic Rider is harsh and rather merciless.

Therefore, be prepared to crash into a lot of objects and to go through each level at least twice. The game just requires it.

Don’t worry about the time limit.

The career mode in Traffic Rider consists of a number of timed levels. But don’t be concerned about the passing time.

Since Traffic Rider is a game of nanoseconds rather than minutes, your main objective should be to make it to the finish line alive. Despite this, speed should not be undervalued; rather, it should be exploited as a useful tool. So to speak…

Don’t let off the gas.

Although there is a brake button, brakes are for wimps. Driving as though the Devil is breathing down your neck is pretty much the only way to get any real prizes in Traffic Rider. Winners don’t brake for anything, so depress the gas and keep your finger there. at least until later stages.

Drive dangerously.

You’ll receive points from the traffic rider for acting rudely on the road. When you’re travelling at a speed more than 100 mph, it adds up every time you cut someone off or pass them too near.

You have one more second left on your timer. A tenth of a second is a big issue in a game where fractions of a second might be the difference between life and death, triumph and failure. Therefore, drive erratically.

Play Endless Mode. 

Your level checkpoints will get increasingly difficult to reach as you advance through the game, which will require upgrading your motorcycle and eventually purchasing motorcycles that aren’t very embarrassing to be seen riding.

However, if you’re the type of player who prefers to advance by, you know, actually playing a game, then you’ll need to grind. You can now effortlessly enter your credit card details and make things easy on yourself.

That entails sometimes moving from Career Mode to the Endless Rider mode, which, if you’re skilled enough, can be rather lucrative.

Play on your phone.

Traffic Rider is more suited to a true mobile device than a tablet, but this is likely more of a matter of personal opinion.

When travelling at 100 mph between stationary automobiles, even a seven-inch tablet may become cumbersome. The stronger grip will more than make up for the smaller screen, contrary to what you may believe.

Tackling More Difficult Content 

Okay, so you’ve mastered the fundamentals and are prepared to go on to more difficult material, but you can’t seem to get beyond the obstacle. That’s not at all a problem.

It is always advised to fail each level as many times as necessary in order to succeed because the difficulty of the following level will increase if you choose to skip a level.

But even experienced players need a little help once in a while, which is why these videos showing you how to complete each level may be so helpful.

Is Traffic Rider right for me?

Indeed, why not? Every minute you spend playing it helps a part-time developer with a love for creating endless runners, and it’s free and rather attractive for the cost.

If you enjoy this particular subgenre, you’ve undoubtedly been anticipating Traffic Rider’s Android release for a while.

Traffic Rider probably won’t persuade you to alter your opinion if you don’t like sprinting forward while evading obstacles until you reach a wall.

Traffic Rider doesn’t exactly reinvent the endless running genre, but the first-person perspective is a welcome addition to the series, and being able to modify a number of motorcycles provides some diversity to the action.

Despite this, Traffic Rider is a fun game that will frequently test your reflexes while advancing you through a gameplay cycle that ultimately feels rather fulfilling.

It helps to have a stake in the games that came before it, but it’s ideal for a ten-minute session while you’re on your way to school or work.