Is Guardians of the Galaxy a co-op?

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The question of whether Guardians of the Galaxy co-op is a reasonable one since you can see up to five different heroes taking part in the same scenes in the game’s footage.

In order to answer the question, I want to know if some of these characters are NPCs or if there is a multiplayer option available for Guardians of the Galaxy, so you can divide their tasks among friends.

There is no Guardians of the Galaxy co-op in the works, so if you were hoping for that, we’ve got your answers here.

Is Guardians of the Galaxy co-op or multiplayer?

At the time of writing, Guardians of the Galaxy does not have a co-op mode or multiplayer capability. Eidos and Square Enix have no plans to change the game’s single-player nature in the future – it will remain a single-player game.

There is one player controlling all the characters that you might have seen in promotional footage or advertisements.

This player plays as Peter Quill/Star-Lord, and he has the option to give instructions to his allies in and out of combat, slowing down time, highlighting an opponent or object, and giving them specific orders. It presents you as the leader of a team of mostly obedient NPCs, rather than playing as the other Guardians.

Will Guardians of the Galaxy get online co-op or multiplayer?

Currently, we don’t know if the developers intend to include an online, co-op or multiplayer element, or even traditional couch co-op.

The strictly-single player nature of Guardians of the Galaxy leaves very little room for such a feature, so it doesn’t seem likely that such a feature would be added. Square Enix may simply have become hesitant to do Marvel-focused online cooperative games after the Avengers game was released.

It is not impossible to create a co-operative Guardians of the Galaxy game, and interest has been expressed in the idea. No matter what happens, we’ll make sure to update this page as soon as we hear more from the developers.