Candy Crush Soda Saga: Top 10 tips, hints, and cheats you need to know!

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Candy Crush Soda Saga, with all new challenges and levels to master, is here for both iPhone and iPad. There are new challenges, obstacles, and candies that come along with it.

It is also important to keep an eye out for new combos that can help you rack up some serious points. You’ll find tips, hints, and cheats to help you get pass even the toughest levels, plus a way to earn free lives faster.

1. How to get free lives faster

Each hour, you earn about two lives with a maximum of five lives in Candy Crush Soda Saga. If you run out, you’ll have to wait or pay for gold bars. Is that the case?

The original Candy Crush game is susceptible to the same free-lives cheat as Candy Crush Soda Saga. Navigate to General and Date and Time in the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad.

Restart the game after moving the time forward a few hours. That’s it! You can crush candies again now that your lives have been refreshed!

2. How to scout out Frozen Bears under ice

It is possible for frozen bears to be trapped under more than one layer of ice. A faint blueish-green glow will appear once the first layer is cracked, which indicates a Frozen Bear is trapped.

Go after bears only in areas of ice that contain them to save moves. Candy falls through ice in Soda Saga and does not act as a barrier, so if you don’t need to smash the ice, leave it alone.

3. Don’t let soda bottles pass you by in Bubble Bear levels

You can save Bubble Bears by making the bear rise at a speed that won’t cause soda bottles to fly off the screen. It is important to make sure all the bottles are on the same level or below the Bubble Bear before letting it rise any further.

If you don’t raise the soda level enough, you’ll build yourself into a corner you can’t get out of. Make sure you keep an eye on all corners of the screen so you don’t miss soda bottles.

4. In candy necklace levels, use vertical striped candies to reach the top faster

Create vertical striped candies in the same column as your Bubble Bear once all the soda bottles are matched (or far enough up). When you detonate them, he will float faster because the entire row will be cleared.

You should definitely take advantage of this theory whenever you have the chance, even though it doesn’t always work. You don’t want your bear to be unable to rise far enough, so be sure your bear has room to rise.

5. Remember that Frosted Bear locations are random each time

The locations of the Frosted Bears are always random in Candy Crush despite certain levels remaining constant.

That means you should not plan on the bears being in the same place twice if you need to restart a level. If you want to find the Frozen Bears, you will have to watch the ice and use your best judgment each time.

6. How to use Coloring Candies wisely

A whopping seven candies can be matched to create Coloring Candies in Soda Saga. The coloring candy can be swapped with any candy on the board, just as the colorbomb candy can be swapped with any candy on the board.

Please ensure that you understand what they do. The pieces will change color to whatever color is on the inside of the coloring candy.

The color you swap the coloring candy with will be the same color as the coloring candy, for example, if the coloring candy is green. When swapping a coloring candy, you should always choose a color that you have a great deal of on your board.

The green coloring candy should be swapped with yellow if it is adjacent to a yellow piece – and there are many yellow pieces on the board. Wait until you have sufficient amounts of both the color of the coloring candy and the color of the candy you are swapping.

It is important to maximize the number of pieces that are removed from the board. If matching colors surround the candy, I sometimes use coloring candies to free it from pesky licorice cages.

7. Only create Swedish Fish if you need them

When you create a square grid of four candy of the same type, you can summon Swedish Fish on demand in Soda Saga. Getting candy that is difficult or impossible to reach doesn’t always require fish, however. It might not be necessary to create fish if you’re in a Frozen Bear level with nothing hard to reach.

Due to the random nature of fish popping things, you are always taking a chance. Don’t waste moves creating fish unless you have a need for them.

8. Master the physics of Bubble Bear levels

The soda line and bottom of Bubble Bear levels are connected by candies that flow up. Swapping pieces above the soda line will result in candies falling downward. Always keep this in mind when planning your moves.

You don’t want to waste a combo you thought would bring a Bubble Bear above the line only to realize that the soda isn’t high enough and the candies fell instead of rising. You’re better off planning moves accordingly and not rushing in these levels since they’re not timed.

9. Get to know your barriers such as chocolate, honey, and others

You will encounter a variety of barriers throughout Soda Saga, just as you did in Candy Crush Saga. To help you prepare for each type of barrier, here are a few general rules to keep in mind.

  • Chocolate: Like in the first game, as long as chocolate is on the board, it will multiply unless one piece is broken every move. When chocolate gets to a combo piece, it’s gone forever, so be sure to watch your combo pieces before they get melted.
  • The more toppings and items on pastry, cupcakes, and other treat items, the more matches you’ll need to break them down. To break past them, you need one more hit once you get to the wrapper.
  • Bears can only be saved by breaking through honey. The thickness of honey layers can range from one to six layers. Bears should be able to see through it when it’s only one to two layers thick. To find trapped bears, you’ll have to do some guesswork first. Anything more than that will require some guesswork.

10. Most original Candy Crush Saga rules apply to Soda Saga

Many of the combos and strategies from Candy Crush can also be applied to Soda Saga. Check out our original guides for even more helpful tips and tricks if you’re just getting started with Candy Crush, haven’t played in awhile, or want even more tips and tricks to help you beat those tough levels!