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Prepare to become completely engrossed in this straightforward and approachable turn-based strategy gameplay, which will enable Android players to freely explore the in-game aspects while on the road.

As you freely explore the in-game features and various in-depth components, you may experience the creative gameplay of strategy both online and offline.

For those of you who are interested, Battle of Polytopia offers thrilling strategic gameplay in which players may lead their preferred civilizations to glory.

Enjoy your titanic conflicts with other civilizations and discover the paths to ground-breaking discoveries. Build your base and destroy that of your adversaries, or engage in economic warfare. Our in-depth reviews will teach you more about this intriguing game by Midjiwan AB.


The Android game will transport players back to the prehistoric era, where they may take part in the legendary tribes’ battles for dominance of the known globe. Play as many civilizations as you can to assist them in acquiring resources, unlocking new technologies, and achieving many fantastic feats.

Battle other tribes for control of new territory. Take advantage of fresh resources to keep building your tribe. And to keep your tribe ahead, always work to advance your technology.

Enjoy thrilling fights with your adversaries in this turn-based strategy game where your strategies and tactics are crucial.

Players will begin each battle on a small area where they must explore the terrain, gather resources, and maintain expanding their tribe.

Build troops to defend and seize new regions while maintaining the most recent technologies. Build up your little hamlet into a sizable kingdom and prepare to vanquish any tribes who may dare to challenge you. To win the matches, develop your civilizations and defeat the opposition.

Android players will have the option to experience the interactive turn-based strategic gameplay in Battle of Polytopia, where they may control anything on the board aside from the adversaries. Every turn, make several choices, and always get ready for the ones after that.


The game offers the following exciting features:

Simple yet extremely enjoyable gameplay of strategy

Due to a number of straightforward and user-friendly components, Android players will initially have the opportunity to experience the thrilling gameplay of turn-based strategy in Battle of Polytopia.

Start by navigating the simple maps that fit on your screen and freely interacting with the in-game objects using the touch controls.

Additionally, the gameplay, though intimidating at first, is actually fairly straightforward once you get used to it.

You simply need to be aware of the 4X mechanic in this situation, which is to explore the map, increase your territory, take advantage of other tribes, and eliminate your adversaries. Simply look around the map to find materials.

Multiple tribes with different traits

Android players will get the chance to experience the turn-based strategy game with a variety of tribes, each with their own distinctive characteristics, here in Battle of Polytopia.

Explore the distinct nature, culture, and in-game components that each offer a different gameplay experience for Android players. Additionally, different tribes will have their specific technologies unlocked from the beginning, allowing you to constantly change how you play.

Auto-generated maps with unique settings

Players in Battle of Polytopia won’t ever experience the same battlefield twice thanks to the game’s auto-generated maps. Additionally, the game’s randomly produced components will always present you with fresh experiences.

Additionally, you can quickly scale up your mobile strategy games whenever you want owing to the several map sizes. This will make turn-based tactical fights much more enjoyable for players, along with the customizable map types.

Exciting single player challenges with escalating gameplay

Android players in Battle of Polytopia will encounter several in-game obstacles throughout the game, each of which offers a distinctive gaming experience.

Feel free to join these single-player games whenever you like and have a blast. Additionally, the game should be playable when on the go because of the offline gaming.

Have fun playing against real gamers in Multiplayer mode

Most significantly, Android gamers may engage in thrilling multiplayer matches with friends and other online players owing to the availability of online gameplay.

Utilize the Multiplayer Matchmaking feature at any time to find folks from across the globe and enjoy yourself. Select your preferred tribe to represent or opt for the Mirror Matches to have the same tribe represent both teams.

Any matches that don’t interest you can also be passed over. Enjoy the game to the fullest by competing against real opponents in thrilling tournaments and stunning leaderboard challenges.

Additionally, you can always customise your avatars to make yourself stick out more in online games owing to the distinctive player avatars.

Different game modes to enjoy

Battle of Polytopia will provide Android players the freedom to freely explore the game in a variety of game modes in order to enhance player enjoyment and better emphasise the strategic components of the game.

Here, in the informal single-player mode, you may compete with other players for the greatest scores in 30 turns or eliminate the adversaries to get the victory for Perfection or Domination, respectively.

When playing online, players can win by glory or might by being the first to 10.000 points or to take over all of their opponents’ capital cities.

Depending on how you wish to win the game, you may freely select your tactics and plans thanks to these adaptable adjustments.

Enjoy the game in different languages

Android players in Battle of Polytopia may now enjoy their thrilling action in the many available languages, making the game more accessible. You won’t be constrained by having to play only the default game in English with the full localizations.

Free to play

If you’re interested, you can easily download Battle of Polytopia from the Google Play Store and play the game for free. You will, however, have to put up with the adverts and in-app purchases because it is still a freemium game.

Have access to our modified version of the game

Android players may now enjoy Battle of Polytopia without having to pay for the in-app purchases and adverts thanks to the modified version of the game that is now accessible on our website.

All you need to do is download the Battle of Polytopia MOD APK and follow the on-screen instructions. Anytime you want, start having fun with the fully featured gameplay of strategy.

Visual and sound quality


Android gamers will get the chance to appreciate the adorable low poly graphics in Battle of Polytopia, which will enable them to actively participate in the strategic stages.

All of your Android smartphones can also play the easy gameplay thanks to the basic visuals.

Additionally, you can play the game in both portrait and landscape mode with ease owing to the improved display settings, making it far more accessible for most players.

Sound & Music

Battle of Polytopia’s clear and engaging visuals are complemented by compelling soundtracks and enthralling sound effects that let Android players fully immerse themselves in the game’s world.

Final thoughts

Battle of Polytopia will provide Android players a completely new and exciting gaming experience on their mobile devices because to the distinctive and inventive aspects of turn-based strategy.

Feel free to select your preferred tribes and take them on a variety of in-game excursions to bring them glory. Have fun playing Battle of Polytopia both online and off, and most importantly, always have access to it.