5 Best Android Apps to Learn Car Driving

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Getting behind the wheel for the first time may be a really enjoyable and stimulating experience. There are driving schools where you may get practical instruction on how to operate a motor vehicle.

In order to get yourself ready for the same thing, it is a good idea to experiment with a few different driving simulation applications on your Android device.

Please understand that I am not recommending that you play racing games on your mobile devices at this time. Although they may be a lot of fun, they were never intended to teach you how to drive in a safe manner.

After successfully completing a series of feats in Asphalt 9, you are not rewarded with a new vehicle like you would be in real life. Apps that teach you how to follow safety standards, how to park a vehicle, how to change lanes, and other such skills are what I’m referring to here.

Even if the whole training may seem uninteresting, the applications may assist you in learning the rules and other parts of the game in a short amount of time. Obviously, this does not give you permission to use them while you are operating a vehicle in any way. So, let’s begin.


Parking Mania 2, one of the most well-known video games in its genre, is designed to educate players about the mechanics and physics behind parallel and reverse parking. That is a typical issue that many new drivers come into on the road.

In the process of parking the automobile in reverse, they do not comprehend the correct angle at which the vehicle should be turned.

You will suffer a drop in score if you come into contact with an obstruction. It is up to you to either parallel park the vehicle on the side or drift it into the parking place, since it is your responsibility to park the vehicle in that garage. In actual life, you shouldn’t attempt the final one.

You can locate the location displayed on the map, which is really convenient.

You have various options to pick from when it comes to parking tasks inside the game, and more ones can be unlocked via in-app purchases. The visuals are clean and crisp, and the game mechanics make it simple to manoeuvre the vehicle around the track.

Even though it’s only a game, Parking Mania teaches you some valuable lessons about parking, such as the necessity of parking angles, locating the right location, turning the vehicle, and other manoeuvres.


It’s one thing to get behind the wheel and master parallel parking, but you still need a licence to get behind the wheel.

In order to obtain your driver’s licence, you will not only need to pass a practical test, but also a written test that assesses your familiarity with topics such as driving safety, traffic laws, and road signs. A must for every beginner.

The Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) administers a test that, if you are not well-versed in the legal system of the country, you may find difficult to pass. DMV Genie is here to assist by providing a simulation of these examinations.

You are able to tailor the questions and tests you take to the state in which you currently reside. The laws in each state are only slightly different from one another.

If you give the correct answer it will appear if you give the correct answer in detail. This ensures that you continue to learn and get better with each step. The DMV Genie Permit Practice Test is available to users without charge and is supported by advertisements.


When you first start the application, it will instruct you to buckle your virtual seat belts before it will begin. The application won’t allow you to take any further actions unless you finish this one first.

A fantastic way to kick off one’s first driving lesson. When you are behind the wheel of your automobile in Dr. Driving, you are obligated to follow all applicable laws and regulations.

This includes applying pressure to the brake pedal before starting the engine, putting the vehicle in the proper gear, applying the brakes when the light turns red, using the turn signal before making a turn, parking appropriately in the space that has been designated for parking, and so on.

While you are driving, you may earn points by following the directions that appear on the screen, and you can compete with your friends to see who can climb the leaderboard the highest.

Despite having crisp visuals, the software is still under 20 megabytes in size. You have access to a wide variety of situations and assignments, each of which will assist you in developing your driving talents further.

While it does not cost anything to play Dr. Driving 2, the game does have advertisements and in-app payments that may be made to unlock stages and improve vehicles.


The Driving School app was produced by a team of developers that has, so far, created 20 driving simulation applications. In their applications, both their expertise and their attention to detail are readily apparent, which should come as no surprise.

The visuals are of a very high quality, and even the interiors of the various automobiles have been designed to be accurate representations of those seen in actual vehicles.

To begin with, you have the option of selecting between a manual or an automatic gearbox. After that, you may decide where you want to hone your driving talents by picking from highways, rural roads, deserts, or mountains.

There is a diverse selection of vehicles available, including automobiles, bicycles, and even trucks. You get access to more vehicles and maps as you level up as you play through the game and earn experience points.

The vast majority of driving simulation apps do not provide you with the option to change the position of your steering wheel, make use of hand brakes, operate windshield wipers, or stop at a gas station to refuel. Because of this, attending driving school is a preferable option.

It does an almost flawless job of simulating actual driving conditions. You may play with your friends to fight for the top spot in the driver’s seat, much like in other driving simulation games.

The one and only drawback is that automobiles may be rather pricey to purchase, and costly modifications are also available. particularly after the most recent upgrade.


Have you taken note of the fact that the driving instructor always goes over a predetermined list of things before beginning a lesson? There are things that you did well and things that you could have done better.

The Seat Belts, Ignition, and Headlights checklist found in the Car Driving School Simulator follows the same format and is presented in the same sequence. Additionally, there is a choice to either play or mute the music.

Lane driving was another aspect of the simulation that struck me as unique to this specific vehicle driving simulator. It is imperative that you continue to stay in the right lane at all times.

You will not be held responsible for changing lanes if you use some of the other driving simulation applications. But you really ought to be!

Following each driving session, you will get a comprehensive report covering driving, traffic laws, and safety. The Car Driving School Simulator will make you feel as if you are taking a genuine driving test and will give you an experience of what the real thing is like.

After the training mode is over, you will be permitted to access the city in a secure area, where you will be given tasks to perform in order to advance in levels.

The program may be downloaded and used without cost. However, it does include advertisements as well as certain in-app purchases that may be used to unlock extra maps and automobiles.

You have the basic road sense.

When you get behind the wheel of a vehicle, you are not only accountable for your own life but also for the lives of other motorists and pedestrians. The ability to drive safely and maintain proper lane discipline may go a long way toward preventing collisions and other unfortunate events.

It is always preferable to be late than to not show up at all. Never, ever speed only because your close friend’s birthday celebration is coming to a close; this is not an acceptable excuse.

If you take the time to learn defensive driving techniques, you may reduce the likelihood of getting into an accident and maybe even prevent one from happening altogether.

The next thing on the agenda is that racing games are fantastic for passing the time and obtaining an adrenaline boost. Here are eight incredible racing games that you can play on your Android smartphone or tablet.