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More about Turbo FAST

Turbo FAST is an arcade racer game that puts your favorite snail right in your palms as you race to the finish line. When you are on the track to catch those tomatoes, Tito will be by your side to make sure that you are able to do so while you race for first place.

As soon as you choose to play a character, you will have to race to earn your class 1 license, which allows you to access the game. Additionally, you can earn rewards in the form of tomatoes, which are the primary currency within the game.

You do not need diamonds if you are a snail, you only need tomatoes if you are a snail. As you progress through the game, you will compete against the main character from the Turbo Fast Movie. As soon as the race begins, you and your opponent will be catapulted to give you and each other a boost.

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Depending on the tomatoes you capture on the track and win, you’ll be able to tune up Turbo Fast to suit your needs. In this game, you have the possibility of increasing speed, enhancing handling, accelerating, and boosting.

You can drive by double tapping the screen. If you keep your fingers against the screen, then you will be able to drift, while double tapping would allow you to drive. Turbo’s head will spin if he hits the side rail and this will slow him down and cause him to slow down.

With 13 unique race tracks in this game, your racing skills will not get stale as you will be able to test them out on a variety of different tracks.

As the game progresses, it will get more competitive than Asphalt 8 at some points.  There are two modes of play you can choose from Challenge Mode, where you can compete with your friends or go head to head to win delicious tomatoes.

Additionally, Turbo Fast offers dozens of special race events such as Time Trials, Limited Fuels, and Rival Races along with its regular races. Also, don’t forget that you have the option of choosing from thousands of performance and design combinations including new shell upgrades, new paint jobs, and neon glow to customize your snail rider.

As well as being able to record your greatest race moments, the game also allows you to view them on instant replay and share them with friends as well. You can now download Turbo Fast for free and have a great time drifting around and racing. Let us know if you liked the game by rating it and commenting on it with your opinion if you enjoyed the race tracks.